New Package of Weapons for Ukraine from US and Europe, is on order.


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Apr 15, 2021
When it comes to the willingness of Ukraine's international partners to send heavier Western armored vehicles, the floodgates finally seem to be opening. The Ukrainian military is now set to receive AMX-10RC heavy armored cars from France and Marder infantry fighting vehicles from Germany, along with Bradley Fighting Vehicles from the United States.

The Pentagon formally announced plans to send 50 M2A2-ODS Bradleys, as well as 500 Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided (TOW) anti-tank missiles and 250,000 rounds of 25mm ammunition, as part of a larger military aid package for Ukraine today. The Pentagon's top spokesperson, Air Force Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder, had confirmed yesterday that Bradleys would be part of the package, but did not provide additional details. You can learn more about what this particular development might mean for Ukraine's forces in The War Zone's separate deep-dive on the Bradley donation.
Also yesterday, officials in Germany confirmed plans to send Marders to Ukraine, something that has been under consideration in Berlin for months. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had pushed back against transferring Marders, as well as Leopard I or II main battle tanks, to the Ukrainian military in the past ostensibly due to concerns about what the Russian government might do in response.

Prior to this, Ukraine's international partners have only sent Soviet-era tanks and heavily armored vehicles. They have delivered various lighter Soviet and Western-designed armored vehicles, including variants and derivatives of the American M113 armored personnel carrier.

So let's get into these three unique new types.

France's AMX-10RC
Though it's not clear what variant or variants of the AMX-10RC Ukraine is now in line to receive, these 6x6 armored cars are the lightest, but most heavily armed — in terms of primary gun system — of the three vehicles in question.
Developed in the 1970s, the original version weighed some 17.4 tons and had a top speed on improved roads of around 53 miles per hour. It was originally amphibious, as well, being able to travel up to 4.5 miles per hour on the water using a pair of hydrojets.

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