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Trump is BACK

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Big Data

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Jan 27, 2023
President Trump posted his first time on X (formerly Twitter) today since January 2021.

Elon Musk quoted it and said this post is getting 10,000,000 views an hour!

I'm sure this post will stir a lot of anti-Trump rhetoric and I don't care. Go ahead. We all know where we stand. I was just pointing out that President Trump was on X(twitter) again and his first post went viral. Let the rhetoric begin.

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No thanks.
Former Presidents are always referred to as President like they call Obama President Obama. It's okay to hate on him. That's the Woke narrative. When he is elected there will finally be some sanity restored to our government. You'll see. Unlike the current regime the DOJ won't be used as a weapon on political opponents. Inflation will come down. More businesses will hire more employees. Everyone will be in a better place. Even the Woke zombies.
Most sensible people know which way to vote - I can't, I'm a Brit.
But I do believe that anyone who votes for a renowned criminal like this man is deficient in any human decency themselves. He's a snake oil salesman who conned millions... just my 2 pennarth.
Donald Trump was the dumbest, most moronic president the U.S. ever had.

Here is a collection of some of his most idiotic statements:

Here's more:

And yet more:

One of my favorites was when he suggested we fight Covid by injecting people with disinfectant and shining a light up their ass.

Yessiree!. He's a gem!
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Apparently you’ve been asleep during the current reign of senility of Babbling Biden.
You're just repeating the Trump mantra.

Whether Biden is senile or not has nothing whatsoever to do with Trump being an idiot!
Trumps not an idiot, he knows exactly what he's doing. That's how grifters and con artists work. They want your support and your money, they don't give a toss about you.
I could say you're just repeating the WOKE Mantras spewed by every news outlet, pundit tank and politician who we know are all owned by big business and foreign influencers. Canada is in worse shape than America with the unbridled liberal ideolgy at play there. America is catching up quick like. I know you are good people. I know you will open your eyes one day as will many others. When that finally happens we will dethrone the WOKE global cabal. The Chinese Communist Party must not be allowed to conquer the world and put all of humanity under it's yoke. Trump is the only public personality capable of uniting us again. Please wake up and see who you are defending and championing are using propaganda to destroy us from within.
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