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Changes to the kitchen - cheaper options


Gifted One
Apr 15, 2021
I initially had a fridge freezer in my new posh kitchen some years ago.  The old fridge I had was big and beautiful but because it wouldn't fit the new design, it had to go.  I regretted this decision later.  The new one was not big enough for my needs.  When the freezer started to play up this year it was time to change... So here we go, a new large one has taken it's place.  The old fridge freezer carcass is crying out for some alterations.

I figured... shelves for the old fridge compartment, and pull out shelves for the old freezer compartment, like a larder type thing.

This is what I found

I wish I could include pics, but it's not my forte on here.

This is where we are today, most of the the work done.

The new pullout drawers for the lower part of the carcass has arrived... I ordered 3 pieces, 2 have arrived. Apparently I missed one delivery because I was having a lie in because the weather was so bad outside and I wanted to delay facing it.

It should arrive in the next few days. My official handyperson is ready to fit it next week, also install shelving in the upper compartment which originally held the fridge.
I don't know who started this Care & Repair for qualifying elderly people in our town, but he wants a medal. Yes we have to pay for materials, but the labour is £16/hr.. It's amazing.

Talking about that... The guy who whipped my back garden into shape.... I think he might be able to use the old pull-out larder for a number of things when it's removed.

He's a hard worker, working fast to do what you want... I really think he's supplementing his credit allowance payment from the government... I really have no problem with that.. My David had to do that a lot to enable us to survive years ago.

Unfortunately we had to canibalise the old larder to make shelves for the new project, but I hope he can make use of what remains.