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Urban landscape


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A view of traffic lights, vehicles, pedestrians and graffiti taken in Limehouse at dawnIMAGE SOURCE,LAURA TOMKINS
Laura Tomkins: “Limehouse[, east London,} at dawn - graffiti, traffic lights, the daily grind… but somehow still beautiful.”
A sign at a train station that reads 'mind the gap'IMAGE SOURCE,IAN FORD
Ian Ford: “The urban world needs the hustle and bustle of public transport.”
A beautiful, orange sunset that shows the sun setting behind towersIMAGE SOURCE,PAULINE BENTLIFF
Pauline Bentliff: “This was taken from Werneth Low, Hyde[, Cheshire]. I was already mesmerised by the amazing sunset but when I saw the Sun dipping behind those tall towers, it was truly remarkable. It looked like a scene from Blade Runner.”
Two birds perched on a power lineIMAGE SOURCE,CLAIRE BRAYNE
Claire Brayne: “Space to chat.”
Two men and a woman stood on a street in Auckland, New ZealandIMAGE SOURCE,TONY DOWELL
Tony Dowell: “An evening's end, Auckland, New Zealand.”
A cook on a phonecall near a canalIMAGE SOURCE,ANTON GLAESER
Anton Glaeser: “Seeing the Italian cook on the phone, waiting for the delivery of new groceries via the canal, I realised that urban landscapes only come to life when looked at through the lens of landscapes of the soul.”
Apartments with the Cardiff city skyline at sunset in the backgroundIMAGE SOURCE,KERIS THOMAS
Keris Thomas: “Cardiff city skyline at sunset.”
A rainy, dark view of the Tacoma Narrows BridgeIMAGE SOURCE,BENJAMIN SMITH
Benjamin Smith: “The Tacoma Narrows Bridge that links Gig Harbor to Tacoma[, Washington] - I shot this in a rainy dark day around 13:00 through a car’s skylight.”
Large teddy bears crammed into the boot of a car in ParisIMAGE SOURCE,PETER PRZYTULA
Peter Przytula: “I saw this car on Rue Mouffetard. What struck me was the combination of the name of the car and the "content" of the same car. Also, it offers a great metaphor on the crowded living landscape in Paris.”
Multi-coloured houses on a crowded hillsideIMAGE SOURCE,PETER MYERS
Peter Myers: “Multi-coloured houses on a crowded hillside in Lima, Peru.”
A view of the busy city of CairoIMAGE SOURCE,HESHAM ELLABBAN
Hesham Ellabban: “A megalopolis never seizes to amaze with its infinite layers and contradictions and always being on the edge of implosion. A city that you love to hate and hate to love - Cairo.”
A young woman in bright orange and yellow clothing posing beside a similarly orange wallIMAGE SOURCE,SARAA BAHARI
Saraa Bahari: “Autumn has a different colour and smell -the colour and smell of walking and letting go. Autumn and its beautiful colours must be touched.”
A view of New York City's iconic Flatiron BuildingIMAGE SOURCE,CHARLOTTE CARR
Charlotte Carr: “New York City's iconic Flatiron Building.”
Light trails under an empty Tyne Bridge in NewcastleIMAGE SOURCE,SCOTT ANTCLIFFE
Scott Antcliffe: “Capturing light trails under the Tyne Bridge, Newcastle.”
A bolt of lightning captured at a derelict park in New Brunswick, CanadaIMAGE SOURCE,RACHAEL BLAKEY
Rachael Blakey: “I'd always wanted to capture lightning in this location, so as soon as a thunderstorm happened, I travelled in my car with my camera to the location, New Brunswick, Canada.”
An abandoned bike below a flyoverIMAGE SOURCE,DUNCAN HOLMES
Duncan Holmes: “I've driven over this flyover many times but only once ventured on to the traffic-island wasteland below.”
A view of the the newly restored Fitzrovia mural on Tottenham Court RoadIMAGE SOURCE,DUNCAN HOLMES
Duncan Holmes: “The newly restored Fitzrovia mural, on Tottenham Court Road, [central London,] rescued in 2020, after years of neglect.”
A view of Battersea Power Station taken from Victoria stationIMAGE SOURCE,DAN DAVIDSON
Dan Davidson: “Trains from Victoria station pass by Battersea Power Station[, south London,] before lockdown.”
Early daffodils blooming in a glowing, Spital Cemetery (Chesterfield)IMAGE SOURCE,MICHAEL CUMMINS
Michael Cummins: “Early daffodils blooming in Spital Cemetery, Chesterfield, during lockdown.”
Pics originally submitted to & posted by BBC
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