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Misty Mornings


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For work reasons, I often cross the border between Switzerland and Italy to go to Milan. For centuries, Lombardy and the Canton of Ticino have had strong historical, economic and cultural connections.
The German-speaking Swiss have Zurich as their great city of reference, for the French-speaking Swiss it is Geneva. Unfortunately, the city of Lugano in Canton Ticino, the only Italian-speaking canton in Switzerland, is too small to compete with important cities such as Zurich and Geneva.  Therefore, the city of reference for Italian-speaking Swiss is Milan. It is not a Swiss city, but it is located a few dozen kilometers from Canton Ticino and, above all, it is much larger than Geneva and Zurich.
If someone were to ask a Swiss person what he or she misses the most in order to be the happiest person in the world, he or she would almost certainly reply
1) the sea
2) the plain.
Lombardy and its capital Milan are located right in the middle of the great Po Valley. And this is enough to increase the level of happiness of every Swiss, French-speaking, Italian-speaking or German-speaking citizen.

It is an immense joy for me to see the horizon, without a mountain preventing me from seeing even the most distant places. Unfortunately, the high Swiss mountains do not allow me to see as far as the horizon. This joy is much easier to experience in Lombardy, as long as the fog does not blur the near or distant horizon.
One atmospheric peculiarity of the fertile Lombardy plain that makes photographers happy is mist and fog.
Often the Lombardy plain is wrapped in a thick blanket of fog for several days, especially in autumn and winter.
In summer, a layer a few meters high stagnates, in the early morning hours or at sunset, in the areas closest to the rivers or the many irrigation canals that run through the plain.
Many photographers, including myself, although I am only an amateur, have taken beautiful pictures of these landscapes enchanted by the mist that envelops them.
The photos below were taken in the Lombardy plain 40 kilometers south of Milan.

Autumn flowers along the Muzza canal bank


Misty grayness erases all colors


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