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The winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


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  • Chamberlain

Creatures Under The Water Award


Creatures Under The Water Award: Time for school in Singapore.

© Chee Kee Teo/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021


Alex Walker's Serian Creatures on the Land Award


Alex Walker's Serian Creatures on the Land Award: Ninja Prairie Dog! in the United States.

© Arthur Trevino/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021


Spectrum Photo Creatures in the Air Award & Affinity Photo People's Choice Award


Spectrum Photo Creatures in the Air Award & Affinity Photo People's Choice Award: I guess summer's over in Scotland.

© John Speirs/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021


Amazing Internet Portfolio Award


Amazing Internet Portfolio Award: The Joy of a Mud Bath in Zimbabwe.

© Vicki Jauron/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021


Highly Commended Winners


Let's dance in Far East Russia

© Andy Parkinson/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021



See who jumps high in Taiwan.

© Chu han lin/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021



Majestic and Graceful Bald Eagle in the United States.

© David Eppley/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021



The Green Stylist in Western Ghats

© Gurumoorthy K/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021



Treehugger in Borneo.

© Jakub Hodan/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021



Chinese whispers in Germany.

© Jan Piecha/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021



Missed in Western Australia.

© Lea Scaddan/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021



How do you get that damn window open? in France.

© Nicolas de VAULX/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021



Peekaboo in Romania.

© Pal Marchhart/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021



I got you in Hungary.

© Roland Kranitz/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021


Overall Competition Winner


Overall Competition Winner: Ouch! in China.

© Ken Jensen/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021
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