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Oh Shit


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21 hours ago, dvernb said:

That's a shame! I think the kid's vaccine is coming very soon but obviously too late for your grandkids.

Hopefully their symptoms won't be too serious and they'll breeze right through it!

Keep us posted!


We can only hope that they follow the norm and will fight it off  like youngsters are reported to do.  We are all thoroughly cheesed off with covid.  We've been isolating for nearly 2 years... Please no more pestilence.....

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3 hours ago, Makara said:

a lot of folk say it's ok for kids to get covid as it does not affect as us elder citizens ... that's not true a lot of Children are being affected with long covid as the virus affects/targets our organs even in mild cases 

I'm scared to death that they may pass it on to me or their parents.  I'm on the cusp of getting a booster to increase my immunity.  That being so, I need to be extra careful at this time.  But it's painful 'again'.  How long can this torment go on?

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