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Citrus Chicken


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I found this recipe many years ago and I have tweaked it along the years to make it the beautiful recipe it has become.  So I guess you could call this my own recipe.

Citrus Chicken

1 Onion roughly chopped – or shallots

6 Boned (or not) Chicken thighs

1 Orange & 1 Lemon - juice and zest

Half of red/yellow/green peppers

2 Cloves of garlic

Chicken stock cube disolved with hot water 2 tsp Honey

1 inch of Ginger, Thyme, Salt & Pepper

Small waxy potatoes/ordinary potatoes cook quicker 😉

Tablespoon of flour to thicken the sauce.


Brown the chicken first, then set aside

Then fry onion in a little oil until cooked, then add all other veg to the pot on the hob. When it is cooked a little add the flour, this will thicken the sauce. Now add all the wet ingredients. Stir vigourously to incorporate the wet ingredients with the flour Add the chicken back when everything is cooked for a little. I always remove chicken when cooking as it can go rubbery if you cook it too long. Tip... add the honey to the hot water stock, it blends it in better. Bish bash, it's that easy and totally yummy.. add more spuds as you like and some frozen peas don't go amiss

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