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Hurricane Larry


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  • Chamberlain

The city where I live is supposed to get hit overnight tonight by hurricane Larry.

We are used to being hit by the tail end of hurricanes but by the time they reach us they are usually downgraded to tropical storms.

Larry is going to hit us as a full cat 1. Last time that happened was hurricane Igor and that one did untold damage.

Trees are still in full leaf so uprooted trees and widespread power outages are expected.

Should be a fun!


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1 hour ago, dvernb said:

It was a very fast moving storm so we got away pretty easy. It wasn't as bad as Igor in that it didn't last nearly as long.

The roofing and siding companies are having a field day! I didn't have any damage to my house but I'm very worried about my cottage. I'm going to make a trip there as soon as I can.

There are trees uprooted everywhere and a large chunk of the city was without power this morning. They expect to have most of the power back on by tomorrow. Funny, I didn't lose my power but just across the street the power is still out!

It could have been a whole lot worse!


glad to hear your city got off fairly lightly and i hope the homes that are damaged get repaired quickly

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  • Chamberlain
2 hours ago, Kath said:

Good news dvernb, I hope the cottage is OK.  The problem at this time of year are the trees are still loaded with leaves and that's what makes it worse.

Thank you Kath.

Actually, I drove up there today and not a thing is damaged.

Not what I expected. A very pleasant surprise!


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What great news dvernb, we all think the worst in these situations, then we are pleasantly surprised when everything  is OK... I can feel the relief in your voice.  When you have property that you are responsible for it can be a bit scary when things get hairy and you wonder how much is this mess gonna cost?

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