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I'm looking into this at the moment.

I need a lot of work doing on my house and there is no way I can afford it.  I'm property rich but cash poor, so I need to release some of that money from my property.

I don't need fancy fancy holidays, I just need to get the property fully decorated and secured with a few new items that are on their last legs replacing, my fridge freezer keeps freezing solid in places and it's far too small for me. I do a lot of batch freezing and the one I have just can't cope.  It's turned into a hotchpotch of bits here and there.  I'm also going to need a real gardener to help me carry on, maybe 2-3 times a year.  Also maybe a cleaner now and then to help me do stuff I can't manage now.  I only need about 10K to make life easier for me for a few years.

I've read of people being ripped off with this kind of thing and I'm finding it a bit scary.  I'll hit the phones tomorrow and find out.

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Being honest, this is how it is..

I want to stay here but make it work for me. For that, I need money to pay people to help me. I was up for anything in the past, a bit of plumbing, laying a few stepping stones, chopping down overgrown roses all stuff like that. Now... big intake of breath and sigh.... I just can't do it now, my back is so bad, it takes me all my strength to cook and it takes me hours to do stuff because I have to keep sitting down every 10 minutes because of the pain.... I'm not crying, I'm bloody well stamping my feet and shaking my fists in frustration.
So this is what needs to happen. Just buckle up buttercup and get on with it, I'm not freaking dead yet.

I already live in a small property, so to downsize bletheringeejit, I would have to move into a shed. Well, not quite.

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