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The Afghanistan debacle what happens next

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we have all witnessed it via our TVs and via the Internet it's been a utter shambles we can all point our fingers in almost any direction of who we think is to blame, but that is not the point of my topic. 

how does this change America's/The West's foreign agenda/policy the unipolar world is over it no longer works

what lessons can be learned from this and will the western powers learn from this shambles as we haven't learned from Libya, Iraq and Syria we keep making the same mistakes 

How has this affected global security from terrorism, and how do we avoid it now and in the future


i believe we in the west has to accept that we cannot interfere in other sovereign countries domestic affairs , we haven't made things better we made them worse in my opinion

we have to stop arming and supporting Islamist groups to affect regime changes, look at the mess we created in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria (which is still on going the West's attempt to remove Assad from power) now what did Gadaffi, Saddam and Assad have in common apart from being dictators, all 3 targeted Islamist terror groups from getting a foothold in there respected countries for decades, by removing 2 of these guys we have turned Libya and Iraq into a sectarian hell holes and Syria into a war zone with Western backed Jihadis (mostly foreign fighters) ... this has not just brought chaos in the middle east it's also caused chaos in Europe with millions of refugees seeking refuge from the conflicts zones we are responsible for and Gadaffi also blocked refugees/migrants from Africa seeking a better life in the west via his country .... now Libya is the hub for African migration into the EU


every one will have different opinions from me 

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