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Covid Dilemma

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i find life is about a series of choices we make ... if he decides that he doesn't want vaccinated then you have to accept his choice at the same time it's your choice Kath to decide if you want or not want him to remain as your hairdresser for a while i had my doubts about how effective the vaccines were because of the timeframe involved in their development ... on the other hand i wanted contact face to face with my family again and that's what swung it for me 

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yesterday over 5,000 new cases of covid 19 in Scotland  yesterday  it's jumped from 4% infection rate to 11% in a week as Pupils went back to School a week ago and now they are being tested again , i can see the same spike happening in the rest of the UK next month when their kids go back to school because School kids couldn't get tested during the summer holidays we never knew how the virus was spreading in the community  i can see Scotland and the rest of the UK go into lockdown again 


now worrying reports that after 6 months the vaccines lose effectiveness against Covid 19 


vaccines should be starting to lose their effectiveness in the next month or 2 in the UK and America 

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because the kids are not in school in England, Wales and Northern Ireland yet UK government is not getting the full picture ... hospitalisations and ICU patients are on the rise again  my neice and her daughter now has Covid as do several other members of my family ... i reckon within 2 weeks of kids going back to school in the rest of the UK the daily figure could reach 200,000 a day if Scotland is getting 6 and 7 thousand a day ..... it's not looking good infection rates are 3 times higher than they were during the Kent variant peak in Scotland 

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  • Chamberlain

Very soon in Canada you will need to show proof of vaccination to do almost anything. They are working to finalize it now. You will need proof of vaccination to ride by bus, train or air. Also a requirement to work for the federal government, nursing homes & health care. People who are not vaccinated will be required to be constantly tested.

Many corporations are also making it mandatory to be vaccinated. Many of them are not allowing any exceptions.

The anti-vaxxers are screaming blue murder but polls show that the general population is very much in favor of this!

I'm sure it is going to be like that in many other countries as well.

It's a different world now.


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loads of anti-vaxers protesters in the UK as well


meanwhile in Scotland Hospital beds are filling up again as are numbers in ICU wards and the number of deaths are going up as school children are spreading the virus .... i can't speak for England, Wales and N Ireland i'm only seeing mainly Scottish and UK data via worldmeters website which the data is pretty limited but Schools have just started up late this week and early next week in England ... the danger is the cases may also start to pick up in England as well  ... maybe the month difference from Scottish Schools and the rest of the UK has given the rest of the UK time for school kids to beat the virus 

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I have to be honest, if all non-vaxed people should be totally excluded from society.  To me they are as dangerous as terrorist and should be forced to have a bell round their neck so we can shout 'UNCLEAN UNCLEAN' at them.

Of course there are exceptions, some can't have it due to medical problems. That's a no brainer, we all know that.

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 looks like restrictions are about to be re introduced to Scotland 


over nearly 800 people hospitalised in Scotland with Covid , 70 people in ICU units a daily infection rate of between 6 and 7,500 that comparable to around 9,000 covid patients in English Hospitals, about 800 in ICU treatment and a daily infection rate of 70 - 85,000 a day and England and the rest of the UK are already having a higher death rate than Scotland ... hence in the next day or so restrictions will be re introduced 


in mid august just 3 weeks ago the infection rate was down to around a daily infection rate of around 5% it's now 12 to 14% ... this terrible Virus is far from over ... i got my 2nd dose at the end of May so i've got 2 months before my vaccinations are drastically weakened 

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