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Scale & details of massive ransomware attack emerge

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These hackers they can be from any single country including America  and every Euro nation and African nations like Nigeria ... who ever did this is not aligned to a country but a hacking community out to make their members rich .... one company paid up last month and it was only going to open the flood gates for other groups to do the same to other companies  all the DNS servers are are based in America and are government owned ... i can't believe for a minute that the US can't shut down those hacktivists 

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  • Chamberlain

Calls for military response to global criminal hackers

A top lawyer for America's cyberwarrior force is calling publicly for military operations against transnational criminal hackers, shedding light on a debate inside and outside the government about how best to deal with ransomware and other virtual threats.

Kurt Sanger, a Marine lieutenant colonel serving as general counsel at U.S. Cyber Command, argues in an article published last week on Lawfare.com that the disruptions from ransomware and other criminal hacking threats have become so harmful to national security that using military force against them — with lines of code, not bombs and bullets, as weapons — is justified and legal.

"Under ideal conditions, law enforcement organizations would address any type of criminal activity; however, in cyberspace, ideal conditions rarely prevail," Sanger writes with a co-author, Peter Pascucci, a judge advocate with the rank of commander in the Navy. "Transnational crimes, of varying scale and sophistication, can surpass the capacity of U.S. federal law enforcement to take immediate action. ... Operational opportunities often must be seized immediately by whatever entity is best positioned to do so."

The article includes a standard disclaimer that the views are those of the authors, not the U.S. government. But it was significant that Sanger, who has been laboring in the legal trenches of military cyber operations for years, came out publicly and forcefully in favor of hacking the hackers.

For years, successive administrations have been reluctant to respond forcefully with cyber weapons to hacking by either nations or criminals, in part because the U.S. is uniquely vulnerable in cyberspace and leaders feared the implications of a potential retaliation and escalation.




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