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West Coast Heat Has Killed Dozens And Hospitalized More

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1 hour ago, dvernb said:

Fire season should be fun this year . . .


i hope not mate  ... the west coast of America has always been a very hot region of America and dry hence water shortages in  some western states more so in California ... California is bigger than the British Isles with more than half the population of the British Isles .... but California cannot handle/sustain the current population levels due to the lack of regular rainfall ... historically the population of California was below half a million ... the only other option is large scale desalinisation  plants along the US west coast but those are very expensive to build and run 



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just seen the videos coming out of Canada and America with nearly 50c temperatures ... they are pretty scary and harrowing viewing ... it could happen to the UK were few houses have air conditioning .... the deaths in the UK would be astronomical .... the last big heatwave that hit France killed over 50,000 people 

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