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Making Wooden Toy Vehicles

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Orange stripe and tractor reminds me of Central Truck Lines where my uncle worked for 30 years after WW2. He drove a COE Mack. He took me on a run when I was young boy. It was hard work and few luxuries on the truck but to me it was a lot of fun. I loved the smell of diesel for some reason. He and my dad were both truckers until dad became a Game Warden. That was a really great job too!

Keep em comin buddy 😉

(you should build a Cab Over Engine Mack sometime 😎)

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  • Chamberlain

On Sunday 6th June My wife and I did our usual Sunday Market that we like to do Here are some photos of the stall set up. We always try to do different products every month to avoid over exposure. I started markets selling pens I turned then moved on to other turnings and wooden toy vehicles. Here is a small percentage of what I do.

hauF5zs.jpg?1 fupgaj1.jpg?1

RruXAMc.jpg?1 Z6uv3jo.jpg?1


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I love the bird nests w/stand, the magic bean spoons, the treasure chest and the spurtle. I love all of them really so it's hard to pick out only a couple. The Man In Black Peterbilt looks fantastic! You have a talent for making beautiful things. I may send away for one of the bird nests as a Christmas gift for my sister. Do you make Butterflies? Hanging on a stand like the nests so they fly would be something else. I could buy one of everything if once we win the lottery, lol.

Great job, Kool :clapping_hands:

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