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Wow Gregorious, what a great collection of recipes.

I made Chicken Schnitzel last week, it was delicious.  I used chicken thighs and flattened them with a rolling pin.  Then coated them in flour laced with salt, pepper and garlic granules, then into the beaten egg and then into Panko bread crumbs. 

Fried them in a pan with butter and veg oil.... Oh my, that was fabulous.  I froze some, which I will reheat in the oven and serve with homemade sweet chilli sauce and mayonnaise 😄

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Oh my goodness, the salad I had tonight was epic. I baked a small piece of salmon in foil in the oven.
The salad consisted of, home grown little gem and various other salad leaves, mint, lemon balm, basil, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion and beetroot. Add a beautiful vinaigrette dressing with mustard. Then added mayonnaise and new potatoes. I was full and discarded some potatoes, but that was the best salad I've ever had. I think the trick is to add as many different leaf flavours plus a good dressing 😄

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I didn't grow that beetroot, but I did pickle it with plain white vinegar and a little sugar.  I don't even heat the vinegar.  Straight in the clean jars and it's never failed me in 40 years.

I have one beet growing in the garden, the only survivor of a small row I sowed. Whatever *shrug*, It's gonna get eaten when it's large enough.

I used to do pickled shallots too, clean them off, place on a large platter, salt them well and cover.  Yes, cover, because they will stink your house out from top to bottom.  The day after, rinse the shallots and place them in jars, tip in a spoonful of pickling spice, top up with white vinegar.  In a few weeks, they will be crunchy and crisp, please, never water bath onions, you will ruin them.

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19 hours ago, Makara said:

i like beet root in sweet vinegar and pickled silverskin onions 


but i prefer homemade beet root the best ... i like my beetroot to melt in my mouth 

I just add new beets to the empty jar, until I see... it's time to start again.

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