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Latest from the front in Ukraine.

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Unfortunately I do not have link in English yet. If true, it's probably going to be in the news soon.

Foreign mercenaries (on Russian side) reported that around 70K of Ukrainian troops are on the move in general area of Bakhmut.

It's not yet clear if it's counter offensive or distraction. They are also reporting massing of Ukrainian troops near the Moldovan border (Russian held Transnistria).

Source (not yet available in English):


Keep in mind that this is most likely a foreign FSB  merc, regardless he did not provide false information so far


Moderator edit: Coded live link. Live links not permitted in Speaker's Corner.

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Thanks Toxic for providing news clips in this awful war, I thought I was alone in this.  There are good and bad here, that's how war is.

Unfortunately it's all in Russian with no subs, so not many will understand it here.


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Hey mod, maybe you should state what live links is before enjoying your little power trip? I've red the rules, there is nothing about video embedding!

I'm done with posting in discussion forums. I'm running a forum since 2013 and didn't resort  to such petty behavior even once, especially if rules are vague as they are in this case.

Keep asking yourself why no one wants to contribute, smh.


Moderator edit:  Copy/paste from forum rules section 3;  YouTube links are permitted in the YouTube section only.



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Awww. C'mon Toxic, don't get in a huff.

I've made lots of mistakes with live links, eventually it sinks in.  That's the trouble when you visit different forums, all the rules are different and we forget.  To be honest, that's why I prefer to post in the YT forum.  I know where I am there.

I copied your link and it was fairly good info, I added it to my subscribe list.

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