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A new addition to the reporters of the Ukraine/Russian war - Artur Rehi

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Holly molly, I fast forwarded trough the video. You really believe this? Ukraine is getting a new tech? it's getting few Lepard 2 tanks and Germans promised something like 200 Leporad 1. Crap ton of Javelins were unusable cause batteries were dead for a very long time.

Russians are seizing NATO equipment from the Ukrainians made in 60's. One by one Ukrainian city has been raised to the ground and you still believe that Russians are running out of everything?

You really believe that Wagner has no ammo, despite fact that they are closing pincers on all major fronts they advance? It's beyond tragic - not believing anything Russia says but then believe in public banter between Prigozhin and Moscow. LOL

Using shock troops for defense of a encircled city? How that even make sense? If true - and I really hope it's not, that's  waste of military potential cause those guys are used for diversions not last stands. It's literal sacrifice of valuable men for nothing.

Sending more troops into the besieged city makes 0 sense cause lines of supply are cut off.

Men are being sent to the certain death.

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So, youtube guy sitting in Estonia = reliable source

Mercenaries in Bakhmut = totally not reliable




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