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Epic Fish Pie

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I made my usual fish pie today. Three types of fish, cod, smoked haddock and salmon, prawns are a nice addition if you have them.
I poached the fish gently on the hob in milk with fennel seeds + salt and pepper.
Put the shredded fish (not too small) in foil containers and
Then made a roux 'it's a bechamel' sauce with butter and flour and added the poaching milk gradually to make the sauce.
I made a double quantity of mash for 2 foil containers... That done, I mashed them with butter and parmesan cheese and more salt and pepper, I added a dash of cream as it was in the fridge.
Assembled the pie with the fish, then sauce, then the parmesan, cream and butter mash, then topped with a mix of panko and parmesan cheese.
I finished it off in the IP Vortex plus dual air fryer for 10 min.
My fish pie has always been amazing, but now the finish in the air fryer was an epic boost... the crispy top.. wow!
I put the second one in the freezer to enjoy another day.
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