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Hello??? Hello???

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  • Chamberlain

Besides bots uploading Files and downloaders grabbing them is there anybody here besides me & Kath? Where is the community?

Being an old geezer I have been (and still am) a member of several boards that are long past their heyday and are now down to a few stragglers. Even so, those boards are like Picadilly Circus compared to here.

Because there were no obvious views or comments or reactions I stopped posting here once. Then I got a message from Kath wondering what had happened so I started again.

I'm again beginning to wonder what's the sense if no one is interested and there is no community.

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  • Founder

I understand what you mean, dvernb. There aren't many interested in interaction with others here or any other Warez sites I visit. It's down to the "bots uploading Files and downloaders grabbing them" as you said. I guess that means everyone should follow suit and stop going through the motions. Participation is voluntary. We provide a space for those who want to post informative topics or discussions. Those who choose to join in will and those who don't won't.

I have faith in people. If we build it, they will come ... but for now it's mostly bots and lurkers as you said.

Now, I will post a short article about Lunar Gateway as I was about to do before I saw the title of this thread.

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  • Knight

All true - sometimes poeple bully, threaten and even "no platform" folk with different ideas - free speach is a wonderful thing and we should all defend it and be prepared to listen at least - we don't have to agree but we should always listen and be considerate of others points of view but it is or should be "a two way street".


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  • Grand Knight

It'd all down to this so called gen Z generation (aka snow flake generation) 

They get too easily offended. 

Talking to yourself is no bad thing at least you can have a intelligent conversation 😂

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