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BBC reader's pictures on the theme of 'the visitor'


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We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme of "the visitor". Here is a selection of the photographs we received from around the world.

A cat drinks from a poolImage source, Graham Wright
Graham Wright: "This visitor arrived at the swimming pool where we were staying in Kefalonia in the golden glow of of the evening sun. It reminded us of a Big Cat at a watering hole. It had had a thirsty day's work."
ButterflyImage source, Carsten Schnoor
Carsten Schnoor: "A beautiful butterfly came for a visit on my garden fence."
Pigeon at a windowImage source, Eduard Yaco
Eduard Yaco: "This photo was taken at our office in Al Nahda, Dubai. I was surprised by a pigeon visitor in our window."
Toy car with eyesImage source, Ellie Hogbin
Ellie Hogbin: "I spy with my little eye."
FairywrensImage source, Peter Hillard
Peter Hillard: "A pair of superb fairywrens singing to their reflections in our kitchen window. It faces the sun and at certain times of the day is just like a mirror. The camera and I, though only inches away, were totally invisible to them. For small birds they were extremely loud. They also have great joie de vivre."
Man on a doorstepImage source, Steve Demeranville
Steve Demeranville: "Saw this gentleman approaching a set of stairs with flowers and a Covid mask in his hand. It was left to the imagination as to the who, what and why for the visit."
Cat outside a polling stationImage source, Emma Warren
Emma Warren: "On local election day, the polling station at Chertsey Museum, Surrey, was busy with a steady flow of voters. However, this visitor was unable to take part in the democratic process, unfortunately, due to not being on the register and not being able to hold the very small pencil in her paws!"
An early morning visit from a cowImage source, Anton Glaeser
Anton Glaeser: "During our work as herders in the Austrian Alps we had a regular early morning visitor to our small wooden hut."
Lego astronautImage source, Joshua Laurence
Joshua Laurence: "A visitor from another world."
LadybirdImage source, Jane Elle
Jane Elle: "A bug visiting a flower. I loved the contrast of colours."
Giraffe above a hedgeImage source, Parnia Garansar
Parnia Garansar: "This handsome tall fellow came to visit us when we stopped for afternoon drinks in a game reserve in South Africa. He had a look around and left after getting distracted by a better offer somewhere else."
A sign on a front doorImage source, Angela Parry
Angela Parry: "Not the best way to welcome visitors."
Dog looking through a gap in a fenceImage source, Lisa Sutherland
Lisa Sutherland: "Tova is my neighbour's favourite visitor."
Cat outside a doorImage source, Callie Eh
Callie Eh: "An adorable little visitor was waiting for someone to open the door in Chefchaouen, Morocco."
ShadowImage source, Steve Spalding
Steve Spalding: "Taken inside the Hyde Park Barracks, Macquarie Street, Sydney. An old colonial prison that was built in the early 1800s to house convicts."
SquirrelImage source, Hayley King
Hayley King: "This cute squirrel visits our flat every day for his monkey nuts and walnuts. He has become that much of a cheeky chap that he is often seen making himself at home as he wanders around the living room."
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