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Week in pictures: 20 - 26 August 2022


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A selection of powerful news photographs taken around the world this week.

Women sing during Ashenda festival in Lalibela, EthiopiaImage source, Amanuel Sileshi / AFP
The Ethiopian holy site in Lalibela is one of many places hosting women-only Ashenda Festival celebrations to honour the Virgin Mary.
A woman flying a kiteImage source, Henry Nicholls / Reuters
A woman launches a kite on London's Parliament Hill during the Fly With Me kite festival, celebrating Afghan culture, a year on from the Taliban's return to power in Afghanistan.
A man playing basketball on a boat in the MediterraneanImage source, Juan Medina Reuters
A migrant plays with a basketball while waiting for permission to disembark from a rescue boat in the Mediterranean Sea, near the Italian island of Sicily.
A man falls of a slippery pole during celebrations in MaltaImage source, Darrin Zammit Lupi / Reuters
A competitor falls off the gostra - a pole covered in lard - during the week-long celebrations of the religious feast of St Julian, patron of the Maltese seaside town of St Julian's.
A voter shows her marked finger after voting in the general elections at a polling station in Luanda, AngolaImage source, Ampe Rogerio / EPA-EFE
A woman shows her ink-marked finger after voting in the general election in Luanda, Angola. Wednesday's poll was expected to be the country's most closely fought election since independence in 1975.
Horses harvest a wildflower meadow in CambridgeImage source, Joe Giddens / PA Media
Shire horses Cosmo and Boy harvest the wildflower meadow at King's College, Cambridge, guided by David Lawless, from Waldburg Shires. Hay from the meadow is carted on a traditional wain and used to propagate more wildflower meadows.
A man dressed as a knight rides a bicycleImage source, Clemens Bilan / EPA-EFE
A competitor prepares for impact during the Berlin Pedal Battle games, where cyclists dressed as knights take part in a jousting competition. The event was set up by a group of bike couriers from the city in 2012.
Yaroslava Mahuchikh, of Ukraine, celebrates winning a gold medal at the European ChampionshipsImage source, Ronald Wittek / EPA-EFE
Yaroslava Mahuchikh, of Ukraine, celebrates winning a gold medal in the women's high jump at the European Championships in Munich.
A demonstrator runs through tear gasImage source, Claudia Morales / Reuters
A demonstrator runs through tear gas during clashes between coca growers and police over a new coca market in La Paz, Bolivia.
Performers Aidee Arely Ramirez Arellano (left) and Viridiana Mayte Arica Rico in butterfly costumesImage source, Jane Barlow / PA Media
Aidee Arely Ramirez Arellano and Viridiana Mayte Arica Rico display their monarch butterfly costumes ahead of the final weekend of this year's show at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. The costumes were inspired by an image of the Duke of Edinburgh watching the butterflies.
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All pictures are subject to copyright.

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