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Africa's week in pictures: 15-21 July 2022

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A selection of the week's best photos from across the continent and beyond:

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Man and woman both in colourful shawls staring into the camera. They are standing in front of a green houseImage source, AFP
Image caption,
On Friday a Maasai man and his wife stand outside their new house in Handeni, Tanzania, after authorities controversially relocated Maasai pastoralists from the Ngorongoro conservation area.
A young woman standing next to an old yellow Volkswagen. There are red, black and white stripes on the car.Image source, EPA
Image caption,
On Sunday in Lagos, Nigeria, a young woman poses with an old Volkswagen car at the Vintage Africana museum.
A woman walking amongst a garden full of greenery.Image source, Getty Images
Image caption,
While in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, on Monday a woman walks through a project growing vegetables, which has been set up to try and tackle rising food prices.
Kenyan writer and poet Khadija Abdalla standing on a historical site, there are ruins of brick buildings behind her. She is wearing a green headscarf and a white dress.Image source, Getty Images
Image caption,
On the same day in the Italian capital, Rome, Kenyan writer Khadija Abdalla attends the International Festival of Rome at the Palatine Stadium.
A packed crowd of people gathered together. There is one man in the middle smiling with his hands in the air - he looks jubilant.Image source, AFP
Image caption,
In Kenya on Saturday one man celebrates at a political rally in Kisumu as he waits for a cash handout, which are being given out at these events ahead of elections next month.
Nigerian men on the streets celebrating with talking drums and holding up election poster.Image source, AFP
Image caption,
There is more election fever in Nigeria on Sunday as people celebrate the victory of the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Ademola Adeleke, in gubernatorial elections in Osun State...
A man holders political posters with Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his running mate, Shettima, on themImage source, AFP
Image caption,
In the capital, Abuja, a man holds up election posters in support of the ruling All Progressives Congress party on Wednesday, ahead of a presidential vote next year.
Man sitting on down on a beach in SenegalImage source, AFP
Image caption,
In the village of Djiffer in Senegal, a man sits down by the beach on Tuesday...
Donkey outside a mosqueImage source, AFP
Image caption,
In the nearby village of Palmarin, a donkey is captured outside a mosque.
Ahmed Al Ahmer mid-air with the handball as Cape Verde defenders try to stop him.Image source, Getty Images
Image caption,
On Monday an Egyptian handball player goes up against Cape Verde defenders in Cairo at the African Nations Handball Championship.
Athletes mid-way in the air doing steeplechaseImage source, Getty Images
Image caption,
On the same day at the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Morocco's Soufiane El Bakkali takes a leap during the steeplechase race, which he goes on to win.
Khaya Zondo on pitch, grinning with arms outstretched.Image source, Getty Images
Image caption,
South African cricket player Khaya Zondo is all smiles as his team trains in the UK city of Manchester...
John Boyega in a bright red suit smiling widely.Image source, Getty Images
Image caption,
As is British-Nigerian actor John Boyega as he attends the ESPY awards in Hollywood on Wednesday.
Man operating equipment nearby to fire. It is dark, but you can see an orange glimmer of the fire in the background.Image source, Getty Images
Image caption,
On Tuesday a man helps tackle a huge fire in the Borj Cedria forest in the southern suburb of Tunisia's capital, Tunis.
A sunset over water, with a palm tree in the distance.Image source, Getty Images
Image caption,
While the sun sets in Algiers, Algeria, on Friday.
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