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First Webb Space Telescope Image Released

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NASA released the first image from the Webb Space Telescope today. Apparently they will release 4 more tomorrow.

I'm a space buff since the age of 4 when a news story about Sputnik reaching orbit was part of the network news show one night. We all went outside to look up at the stars trying to see it go over head. Of course we didn't but the impact of the event was the same. I was hooked on the idea of traveling through outer space. I have a fear of heights but the dream of space travel fueled my daydreams.

So I was excited to see this new image from NASA. After all the hoopla I had great expectations. The reality is an image that actually looks like a photoshopped reprint of an old Hubble image. Not what I was expecting. For example there are numerous larger and smaller stars or galaxies or something that look like something hand drawn with beams or rays emanating from them like a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It is totally unbelievable to think this is authentic. It seems we were scammed. Maybe tomorrow's images will be better.

Here is the link for the image:


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