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On 5/21/2022 at 9:49 PM, Gregorius said:

That is the most organic fertilization that exists in nature and it is totally free!

I'm sorry, but no, it will burn the plants, it's far too strong, compost of this sort has to be left and mixed with other materials to make it good so it can be applied to the garden soil for new plants.

Don't forget that cattle/animals feed the soil with their deposits over periods of months, plants cannot be planted directly into it, they will die.

The best compost will come from herbivores.  Although at the moment there are some herbicides that are applied to fields to kill broad leaf weeds but not grass, then the cattle graze those fields, the herbicide pass through their gut.  The farmer, collects the droppings and there it gets into the compost market after letting it break down as well rotted manure.  Unfortunately, those herbicides that the cattle ingest are persistent for many years.  Millions of us gardeners are turning to home made, because we can't trust bought in manure, it could and has, killed our plants.

I'm an experienced gardener of 40 years, believe me, raw sewage will not be good for your plants.

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