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Scientists say they've partially destroyed liver tumours in rats using sound waves

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I've read this more carefully now and I'm thrilled that this is working in so many trials.

My hubby died with bowel cancer, it's very fast growing and it's fatal, in weeks your loved one is gone.  These tests are just for liver I understand.  I hope it will encompass all the other critical organs that cancer attacks.  Please work.

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  • Chamberlain

Right now my wife is going through breast cancer treatment. She's just recently had a lumpectomy and several lymph nodes removed.

The doctor says they got all the cancer from the breast and there is no cancer in the lymph nodes.

Still she has to undergo a round of radiation treatment and take expensive drugs for the next five years to prevent the cancer from coming back.

I shudder to think if the cancer had been in the later stages. As it was the cancer was discovered by accident when she had a CAT scan for something completely unrelated!

Any progress is good news. It wasn't very long ago that a diagnosis of breast cancer was a death sentence!


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Medicine is moving on a pace right now... That's a great thing for everyone.

Me and hubby never took up the offer of a bowel cancer test over the years, we got the kits and just discarded them. 

He died with bowel cancer in 2018.

Do what I do now, test, it's very easy and not yucky at all.  It takes the loss of a loved one to make you understand that a simple test can save your life, so you don't need to attend a funeral for your loved one.


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  • Founder

This is a fascinating new field of cancer treatment. I think it will become the standard treatment for all cancers in the near future (from the near future I hope).

My mother had a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation treatments. They killed the cancer but it almost killed her, too. It did leave her in a very weakened state of health that she really never recovered from.

The loss of her breasts was also devastating. She lost her confidence and felt sad most of the time except when her grandchildren would visit which became only a Christmas visit after they reached teenage as you would expect. She died many years later so it did prolong her life but the quality of her life was never the same afterward.

If this had been an option at that time she might still be alive today and be 96 years old. She was always a very healthy and resilient person until the cancer. I can sense her, my father and brother and all the others who already gone ahead of me as well as all the others I've loved and all of my canine and feline family too. Especially you three Bobbi, Luci and Patti ...

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