Win 10 clean install


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Mar 2, 2021
Win 10 clean install

I was updating Windows 10 and noticed that my computer was not Win 11 compatible so I investigated and downloaded the  PC Health Check app. Which told me that:

  • PC must support secure boot 
  • TPM 2.0 must be supported and enabled on PC

All other options were listed as compatible with Win 11.

I decided to research the 2 non compatible options which turned out to be settings in the BIOS. What could go wrong? I was following the tutorials I found that shows how to look for and change these settings. 

I proceeded to change these settings and rebooted the computer and could not boot into Win 10 so I went back into the BIOS and reversed the setting changes and rebooted. What a surprise in store for me.....

I now had an error message telling me I could not boot into windows because of a hardware or software issue. I immediately thought the cause was something in the BIOS and searched for hours going over the tutorials I had. Nothing I was doing was helping.

Somehow I was able to boot into the Linux Ubuntu operating system I had installed last year. Once logged in I was able to see all my drives and files As I don't keep much on the 😄 drive. What I do keep is on One drive which is the best thing I could do for my files on 😄 

I decided that losing Windows was not so bad and would be content on Linux until it hit me.... All of my uploading programs only work on windows and would not work with Wine program on Linux. Win 10 would not install on my PC and gave the same error message over and over... a hardware or software issue prevented installing the new operating system.

I needed to reinstall Win 10 so more research on the error message was required. After hours of searching and reading support articles I found what I needed to try. 

I had to disable all hard drives except for the 😄 drive. When I did this I was able to install a clean Win 10 on my PC. Go figure! Once installed and updated. I created a backup image for use further down the track I also created an emergency disc and flash drive with EaseUs Todo.

I then rebooted and found I had lost Linux :LOL:. It was there but unbootable so out came the Linux flash drive Once loaded I selected the try Linux option and checked everything out after checking I clicked on the install shortcut and during installation I got an error message say that the system bootloader was corrupt and could not install. Ah well at least I have windows.

Once I was back into Win 10 I went into disc management to format the Linux drive and add it to 😄 drive. Found I could not add it to 😄 drive as the option did not come up in the list of actions.

More research and downloaded MiniTool Partition Wizard (Free edition) which did what windows would not. 

Added my drives 1 at a time and found the dodgy drive which did load once on my new Win 10 so I moved everything to a new drive immediately, just as well as I can no longer get into that dodgy drive. Talk about good luck huh.

The whole affair was a real challenge however being able to research on Bing and Google really helped....took longer than usual but this time I saved on getting an IT to fix it.......