Trend to Premium file services?


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Apr 22, 2021
Hi gang,

I've been away for a while but back in action here the last couple of weeks.  I've noticed that a number of my attempted downloads are posted only on the premium versions of the file service websites rather than offering the option of the slow free download.  Is this something that has been forced from the service itself or a trend by the uploaders who post on the forums?  Admittedly. I've always been somewhat paralyzed on trying to choose which file service to subscribe to.  I guess this trend is forcing me to figure out which is best and go for it.  Love to hear some input these topics:  Is there in fact a trend to premium services (or am I out to lunch on that)?  If so, why?  And if I'm going to subscribe, any recommendations?  Cheers!  Thanks to all the contributors in these forums - great people!

Hello KemptvilleGuy. Sorry for my late reply.

Most forums require at least one free download link in every content post. If you find posts without free links please use the Report function to alert us and we will contact the person not posting free links and work with them to follow our rules. I believe you will find free links in most of the posts here if not all.

In answer to your two questions:

  • Premium download links can reward the uploader for their work. It's been this way since the early days of filehosting. There has always been a trend toward rewards. It's human nature.
  • You may want to add a premium filehost account to your downloading toolbox. You should find the filehost(s) with the most prevalent links for your needs. You may want to try one of the multihoster services like RealDebrid or LinkSnappy where you will have access to premium links on many different filehosts.
I hope that was helpful.

Thank you for being part of the community. 

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Very helpful indeed!  Thanks Merlin.  Upon further review, I'm guessing the posts I came across with no free download link probably originally did have one, but it had expired by the time I got to it.  Regardless, your explanation makes perfect sense.  Thanks for all you do for the site!