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Puppy In Hot Car Adopted By Connecticut Fire Department


Infinite One
Nov 15, 2020
Puppy Locked In Hot Car Adopted By Connecticut Fire Department Who Rescued Him
by Andrea Powell


A life-threatening situation turned into a happy ending for a boxer puppy in Connecticut.

A good Samaritan spotted the 6-month-old puppy locked in a hot car at the beach and called animal control. When the officer was unable to locate the owner of the vehicle, they contacted the local fire station for help.

East Haven Fire Department responded to the call and rescued the poor pup from the blazing hot car with temperatures over 120 degrees.

The puppy was later surrendered to East Haven Animal Control.

The little fella won the hearts of his rescuers and East Haven Mayor Joseph A. Carfora. The community encouraged the fire department to adopt the sweet boy, and they did.

He is now the official support dog and mascot of East Haven Fire Department.

“Our ‘yet to be named’ puppy will live among the crews and will serve as a welcomed and friendly distraction from the trauma experienced in the course of their duties. Vet care, food and other expenses will be funded through donations,” Fire Chief Matt Marcarelli told WFSB.

The department asked the community to help name the puppy and after receiving thousands of votes he was named Riggs (common name for a fire truck).

Mayor Carfora is thrilled that Riggs is an “Eastie” now. He said, “He has a great temperament and will get along with the on-duty crews as well as be an ambassador to the department at public education and community events.”

East Haven Firefighter, John Depino, told FOX61, “It totally changes your mentality. You could be having the worst day, you could be running calls left and right and the second you come back and he’s waiting for you at the top of the stairs, all of that goes away.”

Riggs is a fast learner and already heads to his crate when he hears the alarm sound. What a good boy!

The department informed supporters that they can follow Rigg’s journey on their social media pages. Learn more him in the video below.

52 second news report worth the minute of your time.





I love the name "Riggs" they gave him. He is a very lucky little fellow. Untold thousands of dogs suffer greatly from neglect, abuse and abandonment. If I were President I would demand congress address the issue of animal rights and apply it to all animals not just pets or domesticated food prisoners held in horrific concentration camps and slaughtered in untold millions every single day. We are the most vicious species on this planet. We deserve whatever karma comes our way for our treatment of the land, the plant life and the feathered, finned and furry inhabitants of this world. That would be my platform. I'd be a laughing stock but I wouldn't be the first.


Gifted One
Apr 15, 2021
I hope they smashed that car to bits to get him out.

Looks like he found a great home now :)