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Russia-Ukraine war: Key things to know about the conflict

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My goodness, you do get agitated don't you. 

Don't bring China into this.  They have already distanced themselves from Russia, because they recognise that the rest of the world will not accept what Russia is doing... basically, genocide...

What is a 'larp' ? It's not in any language I know.

EDIT... I don't see an answer to to this question, so I guess we move on.

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Not sure what 'larp' means, Is that a special word?

I'm surprised you are so ebullient in this.  This war will maybe last a few months, where many will die on both sides.

But in the end, Russia may gain territory, but for many many many years it will be totally cut off from the rest of the world.  It will never be trusted again. Russia has stepped over the line of civilised behaviour in our peaceful world.  There will be no corroboration or trade deals of any kind.  The WORLD now hates Russia, how do you think that feels?

Further threats of escalation from Poots are ridiculous, there are very many other countries that have capabilities to retaliate that Russia will be reduced to a minor player in this situation.

It's time for the world to stand up alongside Ukraine and say NO!

BTW, China has pulled the plug on Russia, it's common knowledge, they survive on world trade, they see that and made the choice... Russia is alone now... 

c’est la guerre
On Tuesday, China made a rather shocking move and outright denounced the war against Ukraine.Seeing civilian buildings getting bombed was probably too much for even China to stand.

The fact that children are among the casualties in this senseless war has created global outrage, which now includes China.China is now offering to play “a role in realizing a ceasefire.”

There are currently a reported 6,000 Chinese nationals living, working, and/or studying in Ukraine.

China is reportedly working on evacuating them, but there were reports that Russia was blocking all evacuations at this point.

China distanced itself even further this week, claiming that it is not an ally of Russia but rather a strategic partner.

This is a significant shift not only for this conflict but also in how China will approach Taiwan in the future.

Putin is now a man alone on an island.










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In answer to the "larp" question it is an acronym for Live Action Role Play according to internet slang. It may have other uses among different cultures.

About China ... the People's Party is a master of propaganda and control through it's use. If some are deceived by any anything they say or do that is a shame IMO. China is THE biggest thread to all nations on earth bar none. Those who do not see this threat are already doomed. Those that do see it will be assimilated at some point or they will cease to exist.

The only chance our civilization had for survival may have already evaporated without a whimper from our governments. I feel gratitude for the life my ancestors fought, worked, suffered and died to provide for us. It is my generation that brought about the end of Western Civilization. I hope history remembers this and I wish them whatever comfort they may find in the arms of the People's Party.

About Russia ... the Russian people are akin to Western peoples. The ruling class since 1917 has systematically replaced the ruling class of the previous Russian government, for many hundreds of years, with the most brutal and ruthless people the earth may have ever seen. Their Bolshevik greed and lust for power resulted in subsequent oppression of the lower class that eclipsed that of the Czarists. The common people of Russia suffer greatly today. I have a friend in Moscow who tells a story of hardships we in the West would be crippled by. They were suffering before the current invasion of Ukraine and it will only get worse. I suppose those in the West who lust for more punishment for the Russian people for the action of it's ruling class are happy to hear tales of shortages and hunger in Russia for her people. I find the whole affair desperate and depressing. I live in the West, too.

Ukraine ... before the American provoked insurrection in Ukraine under the previous administration of 2008 - 2016 the people of Ukraine were living far below the level of the poorest Western countries but they had many essentials like shelter, water, bread and utilities like clean water, sanitation, natural gas and electricity. They had some fine schools and adequate basic healthcare. They had roads and bridges, public transportation, rails and airports. They were proud of their men in uniform. They were housed, healthy and somewhat secure. You cannot imagine what it is like for them now. None of us can. We cannot put ourselves in their desperate situation. It is not possible to know what they are enduring. All because America wanted to "poke the bear".

Well, America poked the bear really good. Instead of letting diplomacy take decades to improve our relationship with Russia and make life better for our kin. Instead we set a course for self-destruction, ethnic replacement and what amounts to totalitarianism. All part of China's master plan for world domination and it is working like a swiss watch.

So, please don't sit at a desk and wish more pain on Russia and Ukraine as a consequence. Try to see both sides of the conflict and point the finger of blame at those that are actually responsible.

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Proposed E.U. ban on oil marks a turning point in West's measures against Russia

When Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine on Feb. 24, starting the most critical war in Europe since 1945, it threw the whole continent into turmoil and uncertainty. Yet one thing remained the same: Europe carried on buying Russian energy.

Despite most European countries’ opposition to the invasion, Russia has been earning about $1 billion a day from Western fossil fuel exports, Ukrainian officials say. It continues to provide about a quarter of Europe’s crude oil and two-fifths of the natural gas it burns — a relationship that dates back to the Cold War.

All that could be about to change.

The European Union looks set to secure a ban on Russian oil imports to its 27 member states, a historic shift designed to hit Russia’s national finances and weaken its war machine as the invasion grinds on into its 11th week.

The war is sweeping away old certainties. The proposed oil ban is the latest previously unthinkable way in which Russia’s relationship with the West has changed. 

The E.U. also plans to cut off Sberbank, Russia’s largest lender, from the SWIFT international payment system. The E.U. and the United Kingdom haved moved to stop Russian oligarchs buying up multimillion-dollar houses and yachts. Russian and Belarussian athletes find themselves banned from major sports tournaments.

The backlash is stronger than even Russia’s biggest critics might have expected. And all this for a country that 20 years ago was declared by Western economists to be among the world’s most promising emerging economies and a hot spot for investment, alongside the other so-called BRICS nations of Brazil, India, China and South Africa.

“For the E.U. to be proposing this step is something that, if you and I had had this discussion two months ago, we would have probably concluded it would be inconceivable,” said John Lough, an expert on energy security at the Chatham House think tank in London.

“The impossible has become the new normal and this is not the end of it. We’re likely to see more countries turning away more rapidly from Russian gas. Russia’s long-term future as a fossil fuel supplier to Europe is in jeopardy.”

Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the European Commission, the E.U.’s executive body, announced plans Wednesday for a “complete import ban on all Russian oil, seaborne and pipeline, crude and refined.” Most countries will phase out Russian crude oil within six months and refined oil by the end of the year, the plans say.

“There is now an implicit acceptance in Europe that purchasing Russian energy products has a political implication and that the independence of the E.U. depends on not being reliant on Russian exports,” said Jonathan Eyal, an associate director at the Royal United Services Institute think tank in London.

Not everyone is keen on the plan. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told state-run radio Friday that he would not support the sanctions package in its current form, describing it as an economic “atomic bomb.” Landlocked Slovakia also wants to be exempted due to its huge reliance on Russian oil and has asked for a longer transition period. Each of the 27 E.U. members must back the plan for it to pass.

Whether or not those countries will accept any concessions or exemptions — none have been confirmed — Europe is starting to wean itself off Russian energy.

And some are calling for an even faster timeline. Siegfried Mureșan, a Romanian member of the European Parliament and a vice-chair of the center-right European People’s Party grouping, said the time for action is now.

“We need to make sure that the Russian Federation does not have enough financial resources to sustain this conflict and to keep on killing civilians — this needs to end as soon as possible,” he told NBC News.



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I do understand that some countries are dependent on Russian oil and gas. So, at the moment, I would accept that it cannot cease immediately... but...

This has to be addressed by building docking terminals to enable LPG delivery for those countries - it must start NOW.

No delay, we cannot trust another aggressive country to dictate and hold peaceful countries to ransom ever again.


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