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Found 2 results

  1. You ever wonder where the exact opposite point of your location is on earth? That location is your Antipode. Antipodal points may be on land or water. Look it up on this site: ANTIPODES MAP https://www.geodatos.net/en/antipodes
  2. How medieval is “Your Medieval Name”? So, how medieval is “Your Medieval Name”? Actually, pretty medieval! The feminine names are almost all good solid choices for late medieval England or France: Milicent – Yes, medieval! Alianor – Yes, medieval! Ellyn – Yes, medieval! Sybbyl – Yes, medieval! Jacquelyn – Yes, medieval! Catherine – Yes, medieval! Elizabeth – Yes, medieval! Thea – Possibly medieval but we’ve not found any evidence for it yet. Lucilla – Sort of medieval: R.G. Collingwood and R.P. Wright, The Roman Inscriptions of Britain I: Inscriptions on Stone — Epigraphic Indexes (Gloucester: Alan Sutton, 1983), RIB 1288 and 1271, note one Iulia Lucilla in a first- to fourth-century British inscription (in this name, Lucilla appears as a cognomen), and another Romano-British inscription mentioning a woman known only as [L]ucilla. Mary – Yes, medieval! Arabella – Yes, medieval: E.G. Withycombe, The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, 3rd ed. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988). s.n. Arabel(la) has a 13th C Latin example of the name. Muriel – Yes, medieval: A variety of forms can be found in P.H. Reaney & R.M. Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames (London: Routledge, 1991). Isabel – Yes, medieval! Angmar – Um, no. Isolde – Yes, medieval! Eleanor – Yes, medieval! Josselyn – Yes, medieval, but not as a feminine name. Margaret – Yes, medieval! Luanda – Um, no. Ariana – Not medieval: It’s a modern Italian form of the Greek name Ariadne, found in mythology, and in the Greek and Byzantine empires. Clarice – Yes, medieval! Idla – Possibly medieval. It appears that at least one googlebook has a Polish example of the name, but we have not been able to get more than a snippet view, to be able to confirm the date and context. Claire – Yes, medieval! Rya – Um, no. Joan – Yes, medieval! Clemence – Yes, medieval! Morgaine – Yes, medieval, but only used in literature, and not by real people. Edith – Yes, medieval! Nerida – Definitely not. Ysmay – Yes, medieval: Withycombe (op. cit.) has an example of this spelling. The masculine names don’t fare quite so well. Ulric – Yes, medieval! Baird – Yes, medieval, but only as a surname, not as a given name. It is derived from Old French baiard or baiard ‘bay-colored’. Henry – Yes, medieval! Oliver – Yes, medieval Fraden – Possibly medieval, but only as a surname, not as a given name. John – Yes, medieval! Geoffrey – Yes, medieval! Francis – Yes, medieval! Simon – Yes, medieval! Fendel – Not medieval to my knowledge, either as a given name or a surname. Frederick – Yes, medieval! Thomas – Yes, medieval! Arthur – Yes, medieval! Cassius – More Roman than medieval. Richard – Yes, medieval! Matthew – Yes, medieval! Charles – Yes, medieval! Reynard – Yes, medieval! Favian – Sort of medieval, if you take it as a variant of Fabian. Philip – Yes, medieval! Zoricus – Not medieval to our knowledge, but it could possibly turn up at some point in future research. Carac – Not medieval Sadon – Not medieval Alistair – Medieval, but not as the nominative form of the name, only as the genitive. Caine – Yes, medieval, but only as a surname, not as a given name. Gawain – Yes, medieval! Godfrey – Yes, medieval! Mericus – More Roman than medieval. Rowley – Yes, medieval, but only as a surname, not as a given name. Brom – Yes, medieval, but only as a surname, not as a given name. Cornell – Yes, medieval, but only as a surname, not as a given name. All the surnames are fine for 14th-16th C English, except these: Cabrera – This is Spanish, and would only have been used by women; the masculine form is Cabrero. Coastillon – Not quite sure what this is but it looks like a misspelling of some French place name.
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