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  1. Sorry Makara, wasn't trying to be, or even get political. It's just as l see it from afar, watching the English news here etc etc. Am also in contact with my so called "family" in England, so l also get their point of view on this. You have got to admit though, it just it beggars belief. We have Scotland, Wales, NI, and England all quite rightly doing their own thing as they deem fit. However, as one island, well apart from the island of Ireland (hate that term), wouldn't it be great to have a general overall plan? Regards
  2. For me, this is a really interesting thread seeing peoples opinions/data. As l said before in this thread, whilst France may not have the the same amount of vacs as the UK, which is brilliant by the way, our strategy sort of towers above the UK (sorry) in what we have to do here, ie wearing of masks in all shops, on all transport etc.etc. But then hey, forget about all of these stats being quoted because come Monday, BOJO in his infinite wisdom has labelled it as "Freedom Day". I can see it all now........ Most masks being removed by a lot of people who are fed up with wearing them, and who have no concept of the damage they/this will cause. Don't really like the guy, as l think he's pretty useless overall, but Sadiq Khan (or as l call him Sadiq Khant) does at least have a point in ensuring that facemasks should be made compulsory on all of TFL! Give it two to three weeks after that day though, and then let's see what all your stats say. Hey, let's all go to Soccer Aid 2021 at the Etiad Stadium in Manchester, all are invited and no masks are required. Yep, right! Grrrrr, it just makes my blimmin' blood boil, but enough of me ranting on. Any thoughts? Kind regards
  3. I agree with you Makara. Yes l know, l should be more worried about the French approach to this as l blimmin' live here, but as an expat, l still fume as to what the UK are doing overall about this! There are lots of French people here who do not want to be jabbed, as per the UK, and we are behind the UK in vacc numbers. However, and this is where France have got it right. You CANNOT go into shops without a facemask (the smaller ones even limit the amount of people let in). You CANNOT travel on transport without a facemask. You now have to carry with you at all times your vaccination certificate, whether it be on a mobile phone or a hard copy. May seem a tad draconian, but to us now, it's just the way of life, and it works! Also, have you ever seen the fines given out in France for non-compliance to their laws? Blimey, if and when l pop my clogs then l'll be wearing a facemask in the old box (ha ha)
  4. Seems like a brill site thus far. Also good to see familiar names that used to on Neo. Regards
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