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  1. in Greece the buildings are traditionally painted white the doors and windows are painted blue and the roofs are either painted in the same shade of blue or they have terracotta coloured roof tiles but there are some exceptions like some islands the houses have different colours like Symi Island
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    a lot of folk say it's ok for kids to get covid as it does not affect as us elder citizens ... that's not true a lot of Children are being affected with long covid as the virus affects/targets our organs even in mild cases
  3. doesn't matter what he calls facebook ie Meta everyone else will call it facebook and nothing will change he will still dominate social media and his platforms will not change except for cosmetic changes in the layout and governments and sinister characters will still use the platform to control the masses as there is to much money for Zuckerburg to change his ways
  4. it won't i think what would work would be a escort service provided locally to walk a girl/woman home to her door and send via app that the woman/girl has arrived home safely and the girl/woman sends back a message/phone when they are back in the house safe .... when i was younger in my late teens and 20s i would escort girls i knew to their door to ensure they got home safely ... i was happy to do it and the girls felt safe with me
  5. i was a union rep for my local delivery office so i had a fair bit of responsibility in my workplace, my main aim was to maintain current staffing levels and save staff from being sacked which i did in at least 6 or 7 occasions and to safeguard safe working conditions and to inform staff of things happening within the business. on a personal side i ran my own football (soccer) forum for my local football team for 2 years and i was a moderator on a couple of different forums i've never been a powerful person nor have i sought power .. a lot of times power corrupts or can corrupt (my own personal opinion)
  6. it's a big problem to upgrade PCs at the moment due to the shortages of graphics cards the only available graphic cards are at high end of the scale ... buying mid to budget cards is impossible as none are available
  7. Me personally i am going to wait until any issues with the O/S have been ironed out and that i hear/see a steady stream of positive reviews first if you are interested you can download it from here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows11
  8. seriously ?? you just posted a link to what i posted https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/fuel-shortages-uk-eu-drivers-b1927543.html told them to get out of the UK that they weren't needed ...... then when the sh!t hits the fan asks them to bail out the UK to work in sh*t conditions for 3 months then be told to leave again ... you obviously don't know what is happening here , ... i would consider it an act of arrogance by London
  9. i'm not surprised EU truckers are not prepared to help the UK after the way they have been treated by the UK government London/UKGOV's arrogance knows no bounds they are now bringing in army truck drivers to bail them out all they can rely on is around 1200 drivers the article has not been updated yet as Sky news did a review of the papers for the 28th and they all had the same headline that the Army has been called in https://news.sky.com/story/government-expected-to-mobilise-army-as-a-precaution-amid-fuel-crisis-12420012
  10. stovies is actually sausage meat (Square slice or Lorne the difference is the meat in lorne is a 100% beef and square slice it's a combo of mostly beef some lamb and some pork) boiled with potatoes/tatties, onions & carrots then add a stock cube and some bisto and corn flour and that's the traditional stovies simple as pie @Kath it's never easy to lose a loved one to cancer ... i've lost 3 friends all aged 42 to Cancer over the years ... i saw one of my school mates 2 weeks before he died and i hugged him as i knew i would most likely never see him alive again and told him to keep fighting it Sean was a year above me in school and his brother Gary was in my year he sadly died last year
  11. when i talk about Yellow/orange fat i am of course referring to the breed of cattle that is Aberdeen angus (in America they call it Black Angus because they want a all black herd) 1 in every 4 calves born is born with red skin (some say genetic defect i prefer quirk) and people call it the highland cow it's still Aberdeen angus and every bit as good as the black skinned Aberdeen Angus for some reason farmers in America cull the red skin calves . to make a cut of beef you follow the seam the knack is finding the seam when i first started one of the jobs i was taught was breaking down the beast (Cow) from the hind to the end of the rib eye as the shoulder was delivered separately i was only 18 at the time and i hade to balance a side of beef minus the shoulder on my shoulder and walk 200 yards to my work area to split it up .... i had to walk through a garage to get to my section one time the abattoir delivered a monster around 240 kilos on one side needless to say i got 3/4 quarters up the garage when my legs buckled and the beast landed on top of me one of the garage workers saw it happen and ran to our butcher shop to get help the owner and two butchers came out and lifted it from me and hung it up to be split up and also brought in the 2nd side ... needless to say my boss said it least the beef got a soft landing and wasn't damaged and he told me to take a half an hour rest as he could see i wasn't with it because i was seeing stars lol ... i see the funny side to it 32/33 years later anyhoo back to beef i think the fat in female dairy cows are nearer the colour of male beef cows as the latest trend is to sell 10 year old dairy cows for butchering due to their high marbling of fat normally in the UK we do not like meat with a lot of fat on it hence male beef cattle in the UK is culled at a much younger age than say north America and Asia where beef/Pork fat marbling are seen as prime cuts where as the UK lean meat is seen as prime cuts and meat with fat marbling is seen as cheap cuts beef cuts and what they are called elsewhere America England Scotland Chuck Steak Shoulder Steak Shoulder Steak Brisket Brisket Brisket Striploin/New York Strip Sirloin Steak Sirloin Steak Porterhouse Steak Porterhouse Steak T-Bone Steak T-Bone Steak T-Bone Steak T-Bone Steak Top Sirloin Rump Steak Popeseye Steak Top Rump Rump Steak Silverside Silverside Silverside Brisket is the same cut in the 3 countries how it's prepared traditionally differs in all 3 countries , for Example America it's used as the centre piece of a southern Barbecue, traditionally in England they do not bone out the Brisket instead they boil it, in Scotland it's boned, trimmed and rolled and roasted in a oven at a low temperature as part of our sunday dinner in Scotland any Sirloin with a piece of Fillet steak separated by bone is a T-Bone and Popeseye steak is a throw back to when Scotland was uber Presbyterian the bone (pelvic) has a big hole that looks like a crooked eye when you remove it from the flesh and it just so happened one of the popes at the time had a crooked eye hence "Popeseye" it's not politically correct and Supermarkets call it Rump Steak in Scotland hence it causes some confusion in supermarkets it's like the Turnip/Swede what we call turnip in Scotland is called Swede in England and what we call Swede the English call it turnip because most of the super markets are based in England they call foods by there English name which causes a lot of confusion even our pancakes and crumpets are different sorry for the long winded post
  12. it was easy for me ... i still don't miss it ... when i told my dad he didn't believe so much so he went shopping with me at the weekends and even checked my fridge and after a few months he realised i was serious .... i've never had a addictive nature
  13. speaking as a ex Butcher female beef is totally different from the males for 1 the fat is a different colour it's a dark yellow almost orange colour and the lean meat it's only good for using as mince, Burgers or stewing steak for steak pies you have to trim off all the fat and add fat from male cows. from abattoirs the carcass comes in already deboned and we call it boneless because the meat is so cheap another difference is the actual meat colour is much darker as well . female lamb and pork looks the same as males of the species
  14. there is several varieties of Pomegranates the larger varieties are pretty bland and leave a bitter after taste i find ... the smaller of the Pomegranate varieties is really sweet and tasty they have a mix of red & white fruits when you cut them in half and the larger ones are all dark red ... the picture you posted is one of the varieties i don't like
  15. i dunno i would like to try it, i bet it's pretty sweet so it would have to be a small slice
  16. i prefer it in the artificial bung and not the traditional bung ... it's hard to beat a good haggis ... nice and spicy ... McSween is my favourite Haggis maker when i was a butcher just over 30 years ago ... making Haggis and black puddings was one of my many jobs English black pudding mix is pretty course and ours is pretty smooth in comparison and the spice mix is different as well
  17. in the UK a bill was put through the parliament banning the reporting of the Panama bank offshore bank accounts after several key figures like David Cameron was outed as having links to a offshore banking via his late father Ian Cameron
  18. Both Trump & Biden are crooked ... Biden got his son Hunter jobs in massive companies in fields he had no knowledge of and the price for those jobs was for his son to donate half his wages to his father's campaign funds ... he even let the cat out of the bag complaining he had to give half his earnings to his father's campaign funds in the end they are as bad as each other like it or not politics and politicians are grubby corrupt people only out to feather there own nest beds Moderator edit: If you are going to be making statements such as this please back them up with a reference link!
  19. my eyesight is still pretty reasonable i have been prescribed with reading glasses a couple of years ago i've always been accused of not looking people in the eye until i tell them i can't as i have a alternating squinty
  20. i'm glad your vision has improved Kath ... i know what it's like to have eye operations ... i was born with a alternating squint ... when i was 3 i had a operation on each eye to straighten out my squint ... it didn't work so i had another operation on my right eye when i was 10 it didn't work either but i was told if i had another eye operation there was a good chance i would go blind as my eye muscles were as tightened as far as they could go ... so i've learned to live with my squint and saw the funny side of it telling people i can see round corners and look up girl/women's skirts lol .... it's way better than being blind
  22. i don't think America would be happy if the shoe was on the other foot if google and Apple that had a app to help a 3rd party candidate amass more votes that could harm one of the two main candidates in key states ... i know for a fact google or apple had a app in European countries to help tactical voting they would be hammered by European countries for meddling in there elections
  23. Israel has a right to exist that is not up for debate but how it's going about it is with the illegal settlements in Westbank and spraying Palestinians homes with a liquid manure and urine called Skunk water as well as the illegal occupation of the Golan Heights .... for me Israel deserves to be hit with sanctions until it mends it's ways ... they are acting like the same Nazis that persecuted the Jews in the 1930s and 40s in Nazi Germany and the West Bank is akin to the Warsaw ghetto back on track
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