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  1. WOW! That is so special special special... It must be protected at all costs. But we can't do it, our kids or grandkids will have to, because the tortoise are so long lived, they will not breed until we here will all be gone by then. I hope it will mate in the future, but I'm not hopeful because it's different, that may be a problem.
  2. Kath

    Nice Site Here

    Welcome dee cee, your nick reminds me of my old friend Cece, from Belgium. I'm sure you will enjoy your time here... I sure do. I learn a lot. Especially from dvernb... his links are amazing.
  3. Kath


    Hi Victor Welcome to MerlinWZ Love Kath
  4. Right from the start of him standing for office I knew Trump was a wrong un. I had him pegged as a parasite and I've not been proved wrong. Thanks dvernb for keeping up with this... next hearing is Thursday 23/6/22 I wonder why it's only you and I are interested in this political eruption?
  5. Today (Tuesday) day 4 I think, was even more shocking. Trump is the most dangerous man I have ever seen. He's like a gangster and a schoolboy all at the same time. One minute he's saying a certain person won't be his friend any more if they don't do what he wants, the next minute he's threatening them with prosecution. He's a total a narcissist. He has no bounds, the only thing that's important is him.
  6. Kath

    Hi there,

    Hi Apaches It's great to have you here. I've never been to the Netherlands, but it's one of those places where you would like to visit. Until then, welcome to MerlinWZ.
  7. Great find dvernb. I watched the proceedings, it was fascinating to see all the machinations taking place at the time. In my opinion and this is just MY OPINION, Trump should face the full force of the law... He's a criminal, so, dare I say it, 'lock him up'. I saw it even before he won the presidency, he was a snake oil salesman then and he still is, even worse now.
  8. Next Tuesday on ABC live will be the next installment.
  9. Kath


    Hi MegaUploadAgora <---- now, that's a nick We are all friends here... you got your first cup already Welcome to MerlinWZ.
  10. Kath

    Hi all

    Hey drongo Welcome to Merlin WZ, I'm sure you will find a good home here. I'm trying to figure out what your nick reminds me of... It's there in my head, but the association has defeated me.
  11. Kath

    Hi there!

    Hi Blowie Good to see you here, there are tons of things here for you to enjoy.
  12. Kath


    Hi RatAtchivity Welcome to the refugee forum, or should I say MerlinWZ. Lot's of interesting things here, enjoy.
  13. What these people are saying today is what I've been saying for days.
  14. Kath

    Hi everyone!

    Oh yummy rictabler, A lot of people will be knocking on your door I think. Welcome to MerlinWZ, sounds like you will be a great asset here.
  15. Kath


    Hi DDnX55 Well, that is definitely a 'I am a number' nick, I used to do that, then I figured a better way... I challenge you to find me from my nick Welcome to Merlin. It's a good place to be, lot's of interesting topics.
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