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  1. I can't show you the Waya photo because it's too small for the host site to accept.  It's far too complex for me to fix that, but  be assured that I did try.


    1. Comanche


      Thanks for trying.

  2. Hey guys I'm an old Pirate who retired a few years ago, but still like to see what you are all doing now. So I came here to give my support.  Keep going, we like free stuff don't we?

  3. Welcome to Merlin Warez, Phlox,

    1. Kath


      Happy to build your forum Merlin 🙂


    2. Merlin


      It takes a community to build a long-term Warez site. Help from all is welcome. Thank you.

    3. Kath


      It will happen, it takes a lot of sweat and a lot of hours of dedication... If you can give it that, it's a sure thing... Love from an old hand 😉


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