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  1. Greetings. I am JohnLuna - a 65 year old retired IT person that loves old TV shows. I have some rare stuff from the early days of TV plus I'm looking to find some missing gems I can't seem to find anywhere like Modern Marvels, Intervention, MADTV, Lockup, Taboo, Scare Tactics, etc. I love to talk about old computers - C64, Apple, IMSAI, Altair, Amiga. I also collect manuals -have lots of old military stuff. Love to talk about electronics, JAVA, C++, COBOL, IBM, UNISYS, DEC, Cray, SUN, game mods, video production, etc. Retirement is FUN!
  2. Welcome to Merlin WareZ, JohnLuna,

  3. JohnLuna joined on 07/27/21. View Member Welcome to Merlin WareZ, JohnLuna, Make yourself at home. Look around and get to know other members. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Post an Introduction and receive a status upgrade to unlock the Shoutbox, Profile Song Player and more. Enjoy
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