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  1. Person: Ivor Place: Ipswich Thing: Island Animal: Imperial Moth
  2. Yum-fulicious Mr Goodbar
  3. Don't Worry Be Happy (Bobby McFerrin)
  4. Bogie and Bacall
  5. The "Bear" is the symbol of Russia as the "Eagle" is the symbol of America. It seems disingenuous of you to claim not to know that "poking the bear" means aggravating an already hostile opponent to cause a further hostile reaction by them without doing anything substantial that might actually change their behavior. Sanctions have never worked to stop someone like Putin. Only overwhelming military action will ever stop him or China once they finally "reclaim" Taiwan (which was historically part of mainland China after all) and that is coming to a head one day also. I hope you know what the saying "coming to a head" means. At some point the Russians will leave Ukraine but only after they have taken what they really came for. The Donbass region. Let the Ukrainians pray they leave something of the rest of their country standing. Again these assessments are only my opinions.
  6. Why haven't America and her EU masters mounted a military counter-invasion in the Ukraine to stop Russia in it's tracks? Surely they would have had high-level meetings and drawn up military plans for the "boots-on-the-ground" response to what the mouthpieces of those so-called ally governments hammer through incessant barrages on all media and social media proclaim is such a horror that requires another global shutdown (since the West seemed to be in a recovery after the China Virus attack). I cite as examples of such boots-on-the-ground alliances Gulf War I and II to mention only two. If Ukraine is as important to the Western Alliance as the Gulf Oil reserves there would be no hesitation and we would be in the middle of the Ukraine now. No. Ukraine has nothing we actually want other than to keep Putin from taking it so we prop up a minor regime with money and a few weapons then toot our horn to say how much "good" we're doing 'cause we're the good guys. Meanwhile China fills more ships with slave labor produced goods to sell on every store shelve in every country in the West because those countries have crippled their own production lines and cite China's goods are cheaper. Yeah, it's cheaper because they use slave labor. Working conditions in China would never be tolerated in the West but it's good enough for the Chinese slave class working children and seniors to death for pennies of what Western workers demand. We do nothing about that. Do we? Ask yourself why. Why don't we embargo Chinese goods until they pay decent wages and allow free elections? I dare you to ask yourself that and to give an honest answer. It really is height of hypocrisy to decry what Russia is doing openly and lavish untold wealth and power on China for doing even worse things toe almost 2 billion people and they can expand their empire any time they want to because they already own most of the world through immense debt. I know maybe the West should default on all loans and debt to China. See how well that works to make them toe the line the West imposes on others. Whatever the outcome of the Ukraine China should be seen as the foe it is for the West. Unless those in control of the West are already in the pocket of the Peoples Party of China. Or maybe we will keep poking the bear until we trigger that thing we all say we fear so much. Nuclear annihilation. China would lose probably 1.2 billion people but the other 6 or 7 hundred million would survive at least long enough for them use slaves to build underground habitats for selected elites - that is if they don't already have such places. I know they built hundreds of complete cities that stand empty. Why would they do that? What is under the ground in those cities? I wonder if they don't already have plans to repopulate after all competition destroys each other. Well, that's enough of that. I'll close by saying I believe we should have given Russian a way out of this without losing face to such a degree as our ruling class imposed so far. Why not make a more prosperous deal with Russia for bigger and better LNG contracts and have them develop better energy sources? Russia has some of the finest brains, scientists and engineers in the world and always have had. Russia is vast. Russia is full of good people who are under the thumb of an oppressive government but they still had it better than the Chinese people have ever had it. Why do so many people seem to hate Russia so much they say they want to destroy her and her people along with it? None of them have ever been there or lived with someone from there yet they hate Russia. Why? Propaganda. It's all in the propaganda. If it were working for us we would not hate Russia so.
  7. In answer to the "larp" question it is an acronym for Live Action Role Play according to internet slang. It may have other uses among different cultures. About China ... the People's Party is a master of propaganda and control through it's use. If some are deceived by any anything they say or do that is a shame IMO. China is THE biggest thread to all nations on earth bar none. Those who do not see this threat are already doomed. Those that do see it will be assimilated at some point or they will cease to exist. The only chance our civilization had for survival may have already evaporated without a whimper from our governments. I feel gratitude for the life my ancestors fought, worked, suffered and died to provide for us. It is my generation that brought about the end of Western Civilization. I hope history remembers this and I wish them whatever comfort they may find in the arms of the People's Party. About Russia ... the Russian people are akin to Western peoples. The ruling class since 1917 has systematically replaced the ruling class of the previous Russian government, for many hundreds of years, with the most brutal and ruthless people the earth may have ever seen. Their Bolshevik greed and lust for power resulted in subsequent oppression of the lower class that eclipsed that of the Czarists. The common people of Russia suffer greatly today. I have a friend in Moscow who tells a story of hardships we in the West would be crippled by. They were suffering before the current invasion of Ukraine and it will only get worse. I suppose those in the West who lust for more punishment for the Russian people for the action of it's ruling class are happy to hear tales of shortages and hunger in Russia for her people. I find the whole affair desperate and depressing. I live in the West, too. Ukraine ... before the American provoked insurrection in Ukraine under the previous administration of 2008 - 2016 the people of Ukraine were living far below the level of the poorest Western countries but they had many essentials like shelter, water, bread and utilities like clean water, sanitation, natural gas and electricity. They had some fine schools and adequate basic healthcare. They had roads and bridges, public transportation, rails and airports. They were proud of their men in uniform. They were housed, healthy and somewhat secure. You cannot imagine what it is like for them now. None of us can. We cannot put ourselves in their desperate situation. It is not possible to know what they are enduring. All because America wanted to "poke the bear". Well, America poked the bear really good. Instead of letting diplomacy take decades to improve our relationship with Russia and make life better for our kin. Instead we set a course for self-destruction, ethnic replacement and what amounts to totalitarianism. All part of China's master plan for world domination and it is working like a swiss watch. So, please don't sit at a desk and wish more pain on Russia and Ukraine as a consequence. Try to see both sides of the conflict and point the finger of blame at those that are actually responsible.
  8. Mystery of why humans die around 80 may finally be solved Wed, April 13, 2022, 1:35 PM an elderly gentleman The mystery of why humans die at around 80, while other mammals live far shorter or longer lives, may finally have been solved by scientists. Humans and animals die after amassing a similar number of genetic mutations, researchers have found, suggesting the speed of DNA errors is critical in determining the lifespan of a species. There are huge variations in the lifespan of mammals in the animal kingdom, from South Asian rats, which live for just six months, to bowhead whales, which can survive for 200 years. Previously. experts have suggested that size is the key to longevity, with smaller animals burning up energy more quickly, requiring a faster cell turnover, which causes a speedier decline. But a new study from the Wellcome Sanger Institute in Cambridge suggests the speed of genetic damage could be the key to survival, with long-living animals successfully slowing down their rate of DNA mutations regardless of their size. It helps explain how a five-inch long naked mole rat can live for 25 years, about the same as a far larger giraffe, which typically lives for 24. When scientists checked their mutation rates, they were surprisingly similar. Naked mole rats suffer 93 mutations a year and giraffes 99. The study suggests it is the speed of genetic damage that could be the key to survival which helps explain how a giraffe typically lives for 24 years In contrast, mice suffer 796 mutations a year and only live for 3.7 years. The average human lifespan in the study was 83.6 years, but the mutation rate was far lower at around 47. Genetic changes, known as somatic mutations, occur in all cells and are largely harmless, but some can start a cell on the path to cancer or impair normal functioning. Dr Alex Cagan, the first author of the study, said: “To find a similar pattern of genetic changes in animals as different from one another as a mouse and a tiger was surprising. “But the most exciting aspect of the study has to be finding that lifespan is inversely proportional to the somatic mutation rate. This suggests that somatic mutations may play a role in ageing.” The team analysed genetic errors in the stem cells from the intestines of 16 species of mammal and found that the longer the lifespan of a species, the slower the rate at which mutations occur. The average number of mutations at the end of lifespan across species was around 3200, suggesting there is a critical mass of errors after which a body is unable to function correctly. ‘Ageing is a complex process’ Although the figure differed about threefold across species the variation was far less than the variation in body size, which varied up to 40,000 fold. The researchers believe the study opens the door to understanding the ageing process, and the inevitability and timing of death. Dr Inigo Martincorena, the senior author of the study, said: “Ageing is a complex process, the result of multiple forms of molecular damage in our cells and tissues. “Somatic mutations have been speculated to contribute to ageing since the 1950s, but studying them has remained difficult. “With the recent advances in DNA sequencing technologies, we can finally investigate the roles that somatic mutations play in ageing and in multiple diseases.” The research was published in the journal Nature.
  9. You ever wonder where the exact opposite point of your location is on earth? That location is your Antipode. Antipodal points may be on land or water. Look it up on this site: ANTIPODES MAP https://www.geodatos.net/en/antipodes
  10. Here's another ringtone I call Woo Woo 29 seconds long Zippyshare lets you listen to it before you download if you want to. iOS (M4R) https://www115.zippyshare.com/v/2e41tMRP/file.html https://rapidgator.net/file/b9b1041c10c53103ea117bbcbe35b2b7/WooHoo.m4r.html https://1fichier.com/?fiy0ug3pdqctj6974yht Android (MP3) https://www115.zippyshare.com/v/4I84tTSi/file.html https://rapidgator.net/file/d63d699c7db6b799ac5835fffd5122b4/WooHoo.mp3.html https://1fichier.com/?8pk76905x4l159g8wbee
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