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  1. I found "forums" in the old unmoderated NewsGroups back in the '90s and was addicted. Since then I've administered two that are still running, been a senior moderator of an expat forum of over 300,000 members, a lot of them active, and been a member of many. I decided on a new user name here, I'm slowly retiring the old battle scarred original. Just out of curiosity did this place spin off directly from Bolt or come via Novanon or NeoVistas?
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome, much appreciated
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    Anybody there ?
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    Hello! I come from the long lost Warez-BB, hope to find a new "home" here. Thanks!
  5. BECOME A KNIGHT Basic Training: CODE Enforcement SPAM Detection and Mitigation Defective Topic Disposal Covert Ops UNCLE MERLIN WANTS YOU! ANSWER THE CALL
  6. Thank you for adding me to the forum!
  7. We stand behind Ukraine in our free world. Well I do, I guess most of us here would say the same. I'm an atheist so I don't pray to god. I just pray to karma it goes well. We in the whole world do not need another war which will kill thousands of people, some of them civilians. We don't want to count the dead young men, leaving behind young families and parents because of this Russian Pride/acquisitive/ bully tactics. I hope the whole world can help to resolve this threat.
  8. I agree that you are making the wisest choice albeit a hard one to make. Our son who is 32yrs refuses to get vaxed. My wife and I are both vaxed and have told him until he gets vaxed he can't come into the house. This really sucks but we can sit outside but what about this winter? We are both in our 60s and I have chronic bronchitis among other issues. You have made the right choice, you can get another hair dresser but you only have one life.
  9. For me, this is a really interesting thread seeing peoples opinions/data. As l said before in this thread, whilst France may not have the the same amount of vacs as the UK, which is brilliant by the way, our strategy sort of towers above the UK (sorry) in what we have to do here, ie wearing of masks in all shops, on all transport etc.etc. But then hey, forget about all of these stats being quoted because come Monday, BOJO in his infinite wisdom has labelled it as "Freedom Day". I can see it all now........ Most masks being removed by a lot of people who are fed up with wearing them, and who have no concept of the damage they/this will cause. Don't really like the guy, as l think he's pretty useless overall, but Sadiq Khan (or as l call him Sadiq Khant) does at least have a point in ensuring that facemasks should be made compulsory on all of TFL! Give it two to three weeks after that day though, and then let's see what all your stats say. Hey, let's all go to Soccer Aid 2021 at the Etiad Stadium in Manchester, all are invited and no masks are required. Yep, right! Grrrrr, it just makes my blimmin' blood boil, but enough of me ranting on. Any thoughts? Kind regards
  10. Hello MegaUploadAgora and welcome to Merlin Warez
  11. Press: How McCarthy blew it on Jan. 6 Aside from Fox News, there’s been almost universal praise in the media for the work of the Jan. 6 select committee. And rightfully so. Its first public hearing, on June 9, was a real tour de force. It was a compelling, made-for-television portrayal of the violent assault on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 — and a powerful indictment of former President Trump, the man at the heart of it all. Most importantly, it was done with utmost gravity. No grandstanding. No playing for the camera. Just the indisputable facts, backed up by testimony from leaders of Trump’s own White House: After lying about election fraud for months, the outgoing president summoned his supporters to Washington, in an apparent attempt to stage a coup against the United States government. Monday’s second hearing, though less sensational, was equally powerful, with top Republican aides testifying that Trump knew he’d lost the election but lied about it anyway. He spread the lie among state legislatures in attempts to reverse the electoral vote count — and used the lie to raise millions of dollars from loyal but clueless supporters. Again, there are plenty of kudos for what a great job the Jan. 6 committee is doing. Unfortunately, there’s too little attention paid thus far to what a pathetic job House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and House Republicans have done responding to the events of Jan. 6. From Day 1, it’s been a series of embarrassing mistakes. At first, in a rare moment of truth-telling, McCarthy said Trump was responsible for what happened on Jan. 6, “no ifs, ands or buts.” In a leaked audio recording, he said, “Nobody can defend that, and nobody should defend it.” That didn’t last long. After rushing to Mar-a-Lago to kiss Trump’s ring, McCarthy 180’d back to defending Trump, and has been doing so ever since. McCarthy’s next big mistake was refusing to agree to a bipartisan commission to investigate Jan. 6. Such a commission would have had an equal number of Republicans and Democrats, with equal authority to subpoena and interrogate witnesses. It would have joined the prestigious ranks of the Warren, Kerner, and 9/11 commissions. But McCarthy, ever fearful of offending Trump, dismissed the Jan. 6 insurrection as not worth an investigation — thereby handing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) the opportunity to create the House select committee. Next, McCarthy tried to sabotage the committee by appointing Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Jim Banks (R-Ind.), both of whom were actively involved in Trump’s efforts to overturn the election. Again, McCarthy was outplayed by Pelosi, who rejected Banks and Jordan and offered committee seats to Republican Reps. Liz Cheney (Wyo.) and Adam Kinzinger (Ill.). Then McCarthy and House Republicans proceeded to undermine the Jan. 6 committee in a series of arguments that border on the absurd: that what happened on Jan. 6 was “no big deal”; that it was nothing more than a typical tourist visit; that it was another Democratic “witch hunt” against Trump; that it was all Pelosi’s fault; or, most despicable of all, that the blame lies with Capitol police officers, five of whom died following Jan. 6. Some even called the rioters who trashed the Capitol “patriots.” And that’s McCarthy’s shockingly inept response to the worst attack on our Capitol since the British burned the Capitol in 1814 and the most serious threat to our democracy since the Civil War. If I were a Republican, I’d sue McCarthy for malpractice. In the end, Cheney summed it up best. In a blistering statement that should be etched over the door to McCarthy’s office, she warned: “There will come a time when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.” Press is host of “The Bill Press Pod.” He is the author of “From the Left: A Life in the Crossfire.” https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/newspolitics/press-how-mccarthy-blew-it-on-jan-6/ar-AAYrvBz?li=AAggNb9
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    Great to have you with us, Roberto. Enjoy
  13. hi,,, pegasss
  14. Hi @DJGriff Welcome to the merlinwz site thanks
  15. Hello, Frank Dorchester, I'm back from an unfinishing on the very talking, I'm tell to discuss here. I love to post music and help out where I can and on that note I'll take leave and post some music to get me started.
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    New to Merlin or new to the scene? It matters not... welcome. Lots to enjoy here on every level.... just enjoy.
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    Greetings to all!
  18. Seems microsoft is intent on going to war with it's users again, a la win8 fiasco. Haven't got time for that nonsense...
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    Names koolrebel but friends call me kool. I'm back from an unexpected health problem that's very complicated ...to complicated to discuss here. I love to post music and help out where I can and on that note I'll take leave and post some music to get me started.
  20. Guess what, it's Pea & ham soup for tea tomorrow, with a slice of buttered seeded bread. Oh gosh I can already taste it.
  21. The last thing Putin wants on his doorstep is a thriving democracy full of people who are free. All the other dictators & thugs are watching this very closely. If Putin is free to trample Ukraine how long do you think it will take China to stomp on Taiwan? Even though the focus right now is on Ukraine this is a situation with global consequences.
  22. Dvernb, you can't make good pea and ham soup without ham of some sort. I tend to treat it like pulled pork. You know... the new trend of shredding meat. I hate cubed ham in a soup, it's just not right... I like rustic, like granny used to make. That's how I've always done it, I guess I'm a granny now
  23. I think it could work.... hitting people in the pocket is a great incentive.
  24. Well this is going well.... My house looks like a bomb hit it. Boxes everywhere, things I've wanted for months, even years, I ordered. I got my new fridge/freezer (the old one is about to die), new ceiling lights for the kitchen, (old ones were dodgy, bad choice) a new good small frying pan, a new potato masher, a new casserole pot and a pie making machine. It's not a lot of stuff, but when you need it and can't afford to buy it it's a pain. The fridge/freezer is making the kitchen a bit cramped, but when I get other things moved and reorganised, it should be fine. The new casserole was a vanity buy. I loved the blue casseroles I was was seeing in cookery progs and my 50yo Le Creuset is looking a bit battered. Well it arrived... I can hardly lift it when it's empty, when it's got food in it... no chance. So I will offer it to my kids - Adrian & Dawn his wife, if they can't handle it, I will donate it to the Emmaus charity to raffle and raise funds. It would cost too much to return because it's so heavy. But, I'll look into that. One thing worries me right now, my paper recycle bin has not been emptied in a month, they keep missing me, so now my house it accumulating paper too, because if I add more to it, it will be too heavy for me to move..
  25. annie


    Just stepping behind the curtain to see whatup! Glad to be here. There is certainly a lot to check out.
  26. Goodluck dvernb, stay inside and if you have to go out watch for flying objects. I lived in the Philippines for a while and remember them vividly, they called them Typhoons there. Not really any fun at all.
  27. Hi xxbetsxx. Welcome to the community. Great to have you with us.
  28. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aF4XOtaFp0k&ab_channel=SwollenPickles
  29. You made the right decision Kath even though I know it bums you out. Maybe he will change his mind in the future as least we can hope so. In the meantime I got a nice hat you can borrow
  30. Greetings. I am JohnLuna - a 65 year old retired IT person that loves old TV shows. I have some rare stuff from the early days of TV plus I'm looking to find some missing gems I can't seem to find anywhere like Modern Marvels, Intervention, MADTV, Lockup, Taboo, Scare Tactics, etc. I love to talk about old computers - C64, Apple, IMSAI, Altair, Amiga. I also collect manuals -have lots of old military stuff. Love to talk about electronics, JAVA, C++, COBOL, IBM, UNISYS, DEC, Cray, SUN, game mods, video production, etc. Retirement is FUN!
  31. eBook readers/tablets opened new worlds for me. Sure I miss the feel and smell of paper books but my reader has magazines, news papers, encyclopedias and hundreds (thousands?) of books. I'm 73 and in recovery from cancer so I doubt I'll live long enough to read them all but try I will!!!
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    Hi to all

    I was a WBB member for many years and was sad to see it go. I found this forum via twitter and look forward to using it for many years. I had a quick look round it looks great .
  33. One of my good friends who lived in Tennessee (USA) moved to OZ some years ago. He he seems to be settled there and happy with the Australian woman he married. He's put on a little weight,. Well fed and happy now, that's all you can hope for with friends
  34. Welcome dee cee, all are welcome at Merlin Warez
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    Glad to have found you and hope to have a great time here.
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    Hello Blowie. Welcome to Merlin Warez. We're happy you joined us. Thank you for posting an Introduction. I'm sure you will enjoy the forum.
  37. Hi AgentOrange. Sorry for the late welcome. I'm sure you are well settled into the site by now. Enjoy.
  38. Kangaroo rolled in wattle seed, pickled muntries, coastal greens & sandalwood nuts Ingredients 2 kangaroo fillets 50g ground wattle seed 1 bunch Warrigal greens 50g Sea blight 50g Saltbush 50g Samphire 50g sandalwood nuts 4 pieces kangaroo jerky 1 slow cooked egg yolk 50g pickled muntries Method In a smoking hot pan, sear the wallaby fillets on all sides and leave to rest for 5 minutes. Once rested, roll the fillets in the ground wattle seed, covering the whole fillet. Roll in cling wrap and tie each side, refrigerate until needed. To pickle the muntries, combine 150g white wine vinegar, with 100g sugar and 100g water, bring the boil ensuring the ingredients have dissolved, pour over the muntries and leave to cool. Pick and wash the saltbush, warrigal greens and sea blight, you can substitute these for other salad leaves such as spinach, rocket or baby endive. Fry the warrigal greens in hot oil until crisp and drain on to paper towel. Toast the sandalwood, peel off the skins and using the side of a knife, crush into pieces. To slow cook an egg, Place the eggs in a small sauce pan and fill with cold water so that the egg is just covered. Put the lid on the pan and place over the highest heat possible. When the water comes to the boil, remove the pan from the heat and wait for 6 minutes. Remove the egg and allow to chill, crack the egg, separate as much as the white from the yolk, and pass the yolk through a sieve, place in a piping bag until ready to use. To assemble, pipe or spoon a line of the slow cooked egg on the plate, with the cling wrap still on, thinly slice the kangaroo, removing all the cling wrap once sliced, season with salt and pepper. Place a few slices on top of the egg, layering with the coastal greens and pickled muntries. Finish with the fried warrigal greens, sandalwood nuts and the remaining ground wattle seed.
  39. I won't say I understand the mechanics completely but I did get enough to know this will be a game-changer in cancer treatment. The problem is cost. It will need to be developed to a point where a generic stem cell modification can be done and mass produced. It will happen with enough time and money. This could work for all auto-immune system diseases and disorders. In 20 years or so this will be in wide trials and in 30 years standard treatment. If the governments actually stop playing politics and support the research as if it were a political campaign.
  40. Loor joined on 07/11/21. View Member Welcome to Merlin WareZ, Loor, Make yourself at home. Look around and get to know other members. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Post an Introduction and receive a status upgrade to unlock the Shoutbox, Profile Song Player and more. Enjoy


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