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  1. Yum Super lemon ice cream
  2. Yummmmmmm! Indeed!!!!! Celery with Peanut Butter
  3. New Year's Day (U2)
  4. Alison Moyet performs live "Only you"
  5. Yum, of course! Honey Roasted Peanuts
  6. Kath


    Hi Victor Welcome to MerlinWZ Love Kath
  7. Right from the start of him standing for office I knew Trump was a wrong un. I had him pegged as a parasite and I've not been proved wrong. Thanks dvernb for keeping up with this... next hearing is Thursday 23/6/22 I wonder why it's only you and I are interested in this political eruption?
  8. dvernb


    Hi Victor. Nice to meet you. Welcome aboard!
  9. Welcome to Merlin Warez
  10. carl.d


    Welcome to Merlin Warez Victor de Sierra. Enjoy
  11. Merlin


    Hi Victor de Sierra and welcome to Merlin Warez. Thank you for posting an Introduction. We’re all refugees here so you should feel right at home. Enjoy
  12. The Edwin Hawkins Singers


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