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  1. Goodluck dvernb, stay inside and if you have to go out watch for flying objects. I lived in the Philippines for a while and remember them vividly, they called them Typhoons there. Not really any fun at all.
  2. It was a very fast moving storm so we got away pretty easy. It wasn't as bad as Igor in that it didn't last nearly as long. The roofing and siding companies are having a field day! I didn't have any damage to my house but I'm very worried about my cottage. I'm going to make a trip there as soon as I can. There are trees uprooted everywhere and a large chunk of the city was without power this morning. They expect to have most of the power back on by tomorrow. Funny, I didn't lose my power but just across the street the power is still out! It could have been a whole lot worse!
  3. Hello AirG. Welcome to the board! Enjoy!
  4. Oh gosh dvernb, all you can do is batten down everything you can, hunker down and hope for the best. This post is a few hours later... how did it go?
  5. i hope you and your city avoids any damage during the storm dvernb
  6. Today I harvested about 17 garlic bulbs. Soft neck Wight Provencale Garlic. I had delayed the harvest because I thought it wasn't ready, I was right. Every single clove had developed a large bulb which had developed into a cloven bulb with no scapes. I'm thrilled, I will use some of them myself, but half of them with be given as gifts. I'll see if I can get a photo and post it when I have harvested them all. I have since found out that only hard neck varieties of garlic produce 'scapes' I will not be growing that.
  7. The analysis of the drone strike, the last one before the complete US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, by both the New York Times and the Washington Post, came to the same conclusion that it killed no ISIS terrorist but an aid worker and several children who ran out to greet the father when his car arrived at the court yard. The car carried, not the ammunition but water, thus there was no secondary explosion as the US has claimed. The driver, Zamarai Ahmadi, who was employee of a California based non-profit organization, Nutrition and Education International (NEI). Drone strike killing innocent people has been a recurring theme in that area for quite a while now. https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/interactive/2021/kabul-drone-strike-questions/?itid=hp-top-table-high https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/10/world/asia/us-air-strike-drone-kabul-afghanistan-isis.html
  8. Hi AirG, great to see you here. You'll love it here, we are all friendly, we don't suffer grouches much, but they let me stay out of kindness.
  9. Wonderful view! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place!
  10. Welcome AirG to Merlin Warez, enjoy your stay
  11. glad to hear your city got off fairly lightly and i hope the homes that are damaged get repaired quickly
  12. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/l/low_no_doc_loans.asp
  13. Hello AirG. Welcome to Merlin Warez. We’re glad to have you as part of the comunity. Thank you for posting an Introduction. Merlin
  14. AirG joined on 09/11/21. View Member Welcome to Merlin WareZ. Make yourself at home. New members such as yourself must verify they are human. You are required to post something and have it approved by staff as part of our spam prevention protocol. Once you have posted and been approved you will have more access and permissions. Until then you will find restrictions and some features will be unavailable. I recommend you start by posting an Introduction: https://merlinwz.com/index.php?/forum/94-introductions/ Arthur
  15. another warm sunny day outside, so far 2021 has been the best summer we've had in Scotland for nearly 30 years and good luck Kath with your right eye
  16. Dawn on the Mae Kok, Thaton, Northern Thailand.
  17. Sunset over my home town from St Nicholas golf club looking towards the Isle of Arran (tonight)
  18. pre 2000 i couldn't eat garlic ... then i had a really bad flu before Christmas in 2000 then proceeded to get several colds one after another it lasted nearly 2 months in the after math i found my taste buds had totally changed that i could eat a garlic nan with my Indian and preferred it to the plain nan ..... then their was the Alcohol i used to drink white wine or Cider ... now i can't drink alcohol it tastes absolutely bitter ... so much so i can't drink Alcohol ... so that's nearly 21 years without alcohol ... i don't smoke or take drugs ... i'm starting to think i'm a Quaker lol


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